Most Serene Republic of Larberiza

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Most Serene Republic of Larberiza

Coat of Arms

Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic (term)
Demonym Larberizans

Government Parliamentary republic
President of Larberiza Eugenio Larberizu

Legislature Chamber of Deputies

Formation 15 May 2014
Area Claimed 10 m²
Population 4
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy


Officially, the press releases about independent were sent on Tuesday, 13 May, 2014, but the first activity of the micronation was on 15 May.

Eugenio Larberizu created the micronation when he read the Declaration of Montevideo. In its early Larberiza it was a monarchy but quickly changed to Republic because political leaders realized that this would attract more people.

Eugenio Larberizu won all elections held from 2014-2016. In January 2016 new elections are called and Eugenio Larberizu announced he will not seek re-election because he had run out of ideas to improve the country.

Political system

There is a Chamber of Deputies elected by the citizens every 6 months by universal, free, equal suffrage, direct and secret by a proportional representation system structured around the d’Hondt law. In addition, there is a team of all citizens must ratify all initiatives that previously passed by the House, if the Senate rejects a proposal from the Senate Chamber, it will return to be modified as new Senate amendments and will vote in the Senate, a maximum of 3 occasions. In addition the Senate may pass their own proposals without having to pass the texts by the House.

Political parties

There are two political parties in Larberiza; the Popular Party and Social Democratic Party.

Logo of the Popular Party

The PPL is a political party created by Juan Bermejo in 2015. The PPL is identified with conservatism, with strongly defense of the Constitution and law enforcement.

Logo of the Social Democratic Party

The SDL is a left-wing political party, created in 2014 by Miguel Larberizu. Is a progressist party who support the open society, the equal rights from all people and the welfare estate.


Larberiza has a unique culture, supported by the creation of postage stamps and sport activities. Football is the biggest sport in the micronation. The only football team is Larberiza Sport Society (Larberiza SS), was created on 5 september of 2015.

Most citizens are Roman Catholic and still the spiritual line of Vatican.