Celtic Kingdom of Lugesia

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Celtic Kingdom of Lugesia (eng)
Ríocht Cheilteach Lugesia (goi)

Flag Of Lugesia 2019.pngCoat Of Arms Lugesia 2019.png

Official language(s)English and Gaeilge
Official religion(s)Celtic neopaganism
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KingIrvyn Teach Tíogair
- Prime ministerKirian Teach Madraí

In Development

The Celtic Kingdom of Lugesia, or by its short name, Lugesia (Gaelige: Ríocht Cheilteach Lugesia) is a cultural institution created on 9 June 2019 with the aim of perpetuating the traditions, arts and language of the Celts. To achieve its objectives, Lugesia organizes itself in the form of a country, with its own social institutions and political structures.

Lugesia is structured through Hillfort, settlements in which a Household organizes local activities.

The society of Lugesia is structured through three types of specialties, which are the druids, the free people and the nobility. Druids are expert priests and legal specialists. The nobles are appointed by the King and form the Council of State, in which the Druids and the Sun Guard (Garda na Gréine) also participate. The Guard of the Sun is made up of those who are interested in defence and survival activities. The free citizens are those who do not wish to participate in the tasks performed by the druids and the nobility.


The name "Lugesia" comes from Lugh and the suffix -esia.


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