Kuhugi mark

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Kuhugi Mark
Front side of the 1 Kuhugi Mark.
1 Florin (back-side).png
Official usersRepublic of Kuhugstan.png Republic of Kuhugstan
Unofficial usersNoflag.png none
Pegged toFour US dollars
NicknameThe "Kuhugi Buck"
PluralKuhugi Marks
Sub-unitKuhugi Florin
Coins1kf, 5kf, 10kf, 50kf, 1 KM
Banknotes5 KM, 10 KM, 50 KM, 100 KM, 500 KM, 1000 KM
Central bankBank of Kuhugstan
PrinterMax Kasbar
MintMint of Kuhugi

The Kuhugi Mark was created on July 10, 2011, to replace the Istorian Tarvin. It's mostly modeled from the w:Newfoundland dollar.


The name Mark came from the former German currencies called "Marks", & the name of the florin comes from the name of the old Venetian-Genoese currency, the "florin"


On July 10, the Kuhugi Mark was created to replace the Istorian Tarvin.


There are five coins. The name of the are:

Denomination Obverse Reverse
1 Florin 1 Florin (front).png 1 Florin (back-side).png
1 Doubloon (5 florins) 5 Florin (front).png 5 Florin (back).png
1 Ducat (10 florins) 10 Florin (front).png 10 Florin (back).png
1 Denarius (50 florins) 50 Florin (front).png 50 Florin (back).png
1 Mark 100 Florin (front).png 100 Florin (back).png


The Kuhugi Mark's banknotes:

5 KM: (Front) Yellow-bellied Marmot; (Back) Max Kasbar

10 KM: (Front) California Quail; (Back) Max Kasbar

50 KM: (Front) Common Yarrow; (Back) Max Kasbar

100 KM: (Front) Bluntnose Minnow; (Back) Max Kasbar

500 KM: (Front) Carrot; (Back) Max Kasbar

1000 KM: (Front) Kuhugi flag; (Back) Max Kasbar


The value of the Kuhugi Mark is pegged to 1 gallon of water.

Exchange Rate

1 KM equals:


4 US dollars


2 Ultamian Katane

1 Berinese Coral

4 Confederation Dollars

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