Kingdom of Plaeground

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Kingdom of Plaeground

CapitalThe Most Holy Throne
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAristocratic Regency
• The High Council
Andrew Perdomo, Ashley Gaspard, Zach, Sawyer, Ian
CurrencyUS Dollar

The Kingdom of Plaeground was a non-sovereign micronation which existed in St, Martin’s Episcopal School between September 2012 and the summer of 2017, although physical vestiges of it remained into 2018. The Kingdom was a militaristic aristocracy which was able to conquer the majority of the Playground and return its different groups back under a single ruler. After its fall, the history of the Kingdom was lost until 2021, when the history was written down by a former leader in February 2021.


Although the name of the Kingdom was never really contemporarily specified, the High Council considered themselves the “Defenders of the Most Holy Throne”.


The “nation” was first and foremost a aristocratic monarchy (even though the throne was vacant), with all officials comprising the High Council. The Kingdom never had a king, because the throne was to go to the “anointed one”, chosen by God. Though many members claimed to be chosen, none were ever legitimate, which led twice to its downfall.


The military of the Kingdom - known as The Chosen - were its most integral part. For all of its existence, every member of the population was also a member of The Chosen. The Chosen consisted of a single field unit, which would travel to wherever needed defending or attacking.

While fighting, they developed a wide range of tactics. The most common form of attack was "the charge" - simply put, soldiers would run at an enemy and ram them. Also used were soccer balls and footballs thrown as ranged weapons.