Junkdom of Badis

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Junkdom of Badis
Coat of arms
Motto: لقلعتنا على البحر (Arabic: For our citadel on the sea)
Anthem: Ceddin deden

Badis Castle, seen from the Moroccan coast in 2007.
and largest city
Badis Castle
Official languagesMoroccan arabic, English, Serbian.
GovernmentSemi-constitutional monarchy
• Junker
Nada I of Reynolds-Romanova
• Grand Vizier
Position Vacant
• Caliph
Position Vacant
Imperial Council
General assembly
• Total
0.00734375 sq mi (0.0190202 km2)
• (as of 2021 census) census
Time zone(UTC+1)
This nation is a member of the Duchessgrad Agreement

The Junkdom of Badis is a personal union of the Grand Duchy of Marquette.

The Junkdom of Badis is an Semi-Constitutional Monarchy officially Ruled by a Junker, it has an appointed Caliph and an elected Grand Vizier.

The Junkdom of badis usually follows any foreign policy of Marquette, and will generally refuse any independent diplomacy.


Badis is the moroccan name for the Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, a former spanish colony in morocco.



In 1508, the region was occupied by pirates, this lasted until spain pushed them out in 1578 after the Battle of Alcácer Quibir [1]

During the independence movement in the 1950's spain held onto several territories, one of which was the Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, a castle island built during the 1400's.


Flag used from 2021 to 2022, during early self rule

Direct Colonial Rule

During early 2020 marquette officially claimed the island as a colony, this was prior to the marquette colonial administration being put to law, as such it's status had to change

Personal union and De Jure independence

Due to a clause in the Document for Colonial Organization Under Marquette, Badis could no longer be claimed fully as a colony, however Marquette did not wish to return the territory to spain or morocco, both governments have been heavily criticized by Marquetten officials. The Grand Duchess settled on making it a De Jure Personal union, without changing anything about administration.

2022 reforms

in 2022 the government was majorly restructured to have even greater self rule, including the division of the Imperial council and General assembly, and the creation of the role of caliph replacing the former "Regent"

Politics and government

main article: Government of Badis

The Junkdom of Badis is a semi constitutional monarchy under a bicameral parliament led by the Junker. the houses of parliament are the General assembly who are publicly elected, and the imperial council who are appointed by the Junker.

Grand Vizier

The Grand Vizier is an elected leader similar in function to a prime minister.


The Caliph is a viceroy appointed to represent the Junker.

Law and order

The court of justice is divided into three parts, the first is the justice's advisors who are voted in by parliament next is the chief justice; the chief justices are a cabinet of five justices appointed by the Prime justice who is appointed by the Junker or Caliph. the other justices are elected by either

  1. The public with a simple majority vote
  2. Elected by parliament in a simple majority vote
  3. Appointed by the Junker of Caliph.

Last is the consulate of the people,they are elected in a public majority vote, their role is to decide whether the defendant committed the crime as charged in a criminal case, or whether the defendant injured the plaintiff in a civil case.

Foreign relations

As Badis is a satellite state, it automatically follows any foreign policy of Marquette, and will refuse any independent diplomacy.


Badis only has a small mostly ceremonial standing army, instead relying on Militias and Citizen Guards, as well as being supported by the Marquetten army.


the Janissaries are a unit of elite bodyguards tasked with defending the Junker and caliph.

Geography and climate

This Was an alternative flag of badis, it was proposed alongside the current version, but lost the popular vote.

Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera is located 119 km (73.94 mi) southeast of Ceuta. It was a natural island in the Alboran Sea until 1934, when a huge thunderstorm washed large quantities of sand into the short channel between the island and the African continent. The channel was turned into a tombolo and the island became a peninsula, connected to the Moroccan coast by an 85 m (278.87 ft) long sandy isthmus, which is the world's shortest single land-border segment. With a length of 400 m (1,312.34 ft) northwest-southeast and a width of up to 100 m (328.08 ft), it covers about 19,000 m2 or 1.9 ha.

Culture and media

The Junkdom of Badis is mainly culturally Moroccan Muslim, with minority Hispanic and Berber populations.

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