January 2017 Friends Societal vice-presidential election

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January 2017 Friends Societal vice-presidential election

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  File:Bishnu Chetry.png
Candidate Bishnu Chetry
Party FSSP
Home state North Guwahati
Electoral vote Unopposed

Vice-President before election

Bishnu Chetry (acting)
Secular Party

Elected Vice-President

Bishnu Chetry
Secular Party

A vice-presidential election was held in Friends Society on 27 January 2017, the day when Children's Group was renamed to the Republic of Friends Society. Since only one candidate had submitted their nomination, the voting did not take place and the sole candidate and incumbent acting vice-president Bishnu Chetry was declared unopposed elected as the vice-president.


The vice-presidential election was initially scheduled to be held in April 2017 when the six months tenure of vice-president Arnab Sil who was re-elected in October 2016, was to end. However, on 27 November 2016, Arnab Sil announced his resignation to contest the December 2016 general election. Following his resignation, he was succeeded by the home minister Bishnu Chetry as the acting vice-president.


Thus, an election was to be held to elect a full-time vice-president. The election was scheduled for 27 January 2017, the same day when Children's Group became the Friends Society. It was also on the same day when the presidential election took place. The government nominated Bishnu Chetry, the acting vice-president as the candidate for the vice-presidential election. Since no other candidate had submitted their nominations, he was declared unopposed elect as the vice-president.

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