JISA Distinguished Service Medal

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JISA Distinguished Service Medal
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Awarded by the
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Administrator of JISA
Established20 June 2017
Country Ikonia
CriteriaAt the Administrator's pleasure
FounderCameron I
HeadCameron I
  • Head
  • Supervisor
  • Member
  • H/SV/M
First induction20 January 2019
Last induction20 January 2019
Total inductees Tally: 2
Next (higher)Highest
Next (lower)Vacant

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The JISA Distinguished Service Medal is the highest award which may be bestowed by the Joint International Space Administration of the Kingdom of Ikonia and Catholique Socialist Republic. The medal may be presented to any member of the JISA, including both astronauts and civilian employees.

The JISA Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to those who display distinguished service, ability, or courage, and have personally made a contribution representing substantial progress to the JISA goals. The contribution must be so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate.

Typical presentations of the JISA Distinguished Service Medal included awards to senior JISA administrators, mission control leaders, and astronauts who have completed several successful space flights, or unmanned flights. Due to the prestige of the award, the decoration is authorized for wear on active uniforms of any CSR or Ikonian citizen. In Baustralia does not authorize the award to be worn on the right side of the uniform, but may be worn on the left chest.