Itazar Empire

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Itazar Empire

Справедливость и Правосудие (Fairness and Justice)
Capital city Itazar
Official religion(s) Russian-Orthodox
Demonym Itazarov
Government Absolute monarchy
- Zymos Niels (1991-2000)
Jocheim I (2000-2009)
Jocheim II (2009-2012)
Established April 8th 1991
Population 6

The Itazar Empire was the name given to the Pre-Derskovian state who controls Derskovia and Iztazaria


The Itazar Empire was a sovereign despotic russian-based micronation based in a playground near a trainline from April 1991 to Febuary 2012 In April 1991,Niels founded the Itazar Empire as a Russian Empire simulation.Then ther expanded ther territory and bulded cities then more people join the Itazar Empire

Black Times

on 2000 Niels moved to Germany hes successor is the weak Jocheim I the nation have many freuds and the City of Itazar declared inderpendence leads to the Itazar-Imperial war. The imperial won but Jocheim was weak On 2009 he leaved Itazar and he appoint hes Frend Jocheim II as ruller


On 2011 The Caramban Clan wants found the Caramban Empire and the empire was instable Jocheim II Controls just the city of Itazar on Febuary the nation divided in 2 states Itazaria and Caramban however Caramban Empire fells in inactivity