Itazar Empire

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Itazar Empire

Справедливость и Правосудие (Fairness and Justice)
Capital cityItazar
Official religion(s)Russian-Orthodox
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- ZymosNiels (1991-2000)
Jocheim I (2000-2009)
Jocheim II (2009-2012)
Established8 April 1991

The Itazar Empire was a sovereign despotic absolute monarchy founded as a Russian Empire simulator on 8 April 1991. The micronation was based on a playground near a railroad from its foundation until its dissolution in February 2012.


The Itazar Empire was the name given to the pre-Derskovian state which controlled Derskovia and Itazaria. Founded on 8 April 1991 by Neils, the Itazar Empire attempted to simulate the former Russian Empire, with Neils as its Emperor. In 2000, founder Niels moved to Germany and appointed Jocheim I as his successor. Seen as a weak ruler due to his inability to control internal feuds, the Itazarian capital of Itazar declared its independence. This began a conflict known as the Itazar-Imperial War. The Imperials were victorious under Jocheim I, however, he would abdicate the throne in 2009. He appointed his good friend Jocheim II as the next Itazarov Emperor. In early 2011, an internal group known as the Caramban Clan attempts to form their own micronation by the name of the Caramban Empire. At the time, the Itazar Empire was again facing political instability, with only the capital of Itazar under Imperial control. In February of 2012, the nation finally splits with a division into two independent states, Itazar, and the Caramban Empire. Jocheim II’s reign comes to an end, and the Republic of Itazaria is established by Patrick Dalton on 11 May 2012. Ironically, the Caramban Empire soon falls into inactivity. In all, the Itazar Empire lasted for over 21 years.

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