Republic of Itazaria

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Republic of Itazaria
Itazarian Flag.pngItazaria.png

Russian Tsar Anthem
Capital cityItazar
Largest cityTsargrad
Official language(s)English Russian Hebrew Dutch
- PresidentPatrick Dalton
Established11 May 2012
Area claimedUnknown
Time zoneUTC

The Republic of Itazaria, also known as Itazaria, is a currently inactive micronation located in Holland(Netherlands) that attempted to control the remnants of the Itazar Empire under a dictatorship led by Patrick Dalton. Itazaria became inactive in 2014.


Itazar Empire

The Itazar Empire was a sovereign despotic absolute monarchy founded as a Russian Empire simulator on 8 April 1991. The micronation was based on a playground near a railroad from its foundation until its dissolution in February 2012.

Republic of Itazaria

(Note: Some of the dates are inconsistent with that of other sources. Very little information is available regarding the history of Itazaria) The Republic of Itazaria was founded by Patrick Dalton on 11 May 2012, following the abdication of Jocheim II from the Itazarov throne in February of the same year. The newly-formed republic contained the territory of current Derskovia. The Itazarian Region of Derskovia had been part of the Itazar Empire as South Itazaria. On 11 March 2012, a civil war broke out between the Senate and the President. Derskov leader Thomas Kasji declared independence from Itazaria. The president stopped the secession and the Senators fled into the region of Derskovia. Thomas Kasji and the others were provided shelter in Derskovia. However, Patrick Dalton ordered that Derskovia extradite the Senators to Itazaria. Derskovia refuses, and Itazaria declares war on Derskovia in what would become known as the Itazar-Derskov War. Derskovia conquered many territories of Itazaria but were ultimately defeated and became incorporated into Itazaria for 3 years. In 2014, Itazaria falls into inactivity. Shady Morsi, a prominent Derskovian leader who fought in the Itazar-Derskov war, re-establishes Derskovia as an independent Republic.

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