Itazar-Derskov War

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Itazar-Derskov War
Remants of Patricks palice.jpg
The remains of Patrick's palace after the war
Date 2012-2013
Location Derskov-Itazar Border
Result Itazarian pyrrhic victory fall of Derskovia
Itazarian Flag.png Itazaria Pre-invasion
Derskovia 2012.png Derskovia
Post invasion
Derskov Flag.png Derskovian Resistance
Itazaria.png Patrick Dalton
Itazarian Flag.png Leo Amdenpte
Itazarian Flag.png Sheriene Yusef
Old Derskov coa.png Thomas Kasji
Derskovia 2012.png Shady Morsi
Derskovia 2012.png Max Hoogman
Derskov Flag.png Rube Dooiman
5 3
Injuries and losses
3 2
The Derskov-Itazar was a war, fought between Itazaria and Derskovia. It began after the Itazarian exiles in Derskovia flee to Derskovia hidding for the Government of Patrick Dalton


Itazaria is in a civil war between The Senate and Patrick Daltons forces Derskovia in 2012 Derskovia was part of Itazaria and the governor of the region Thomas Kansj declared inderpendence from Itazaria Then the president won and the Senators flees intro Derskovia and Thomas Provide shelter to Derskovia However Patrick Dalton wants that Derskovia extradite the Senators Derskovia refuse Then Itazaria Declared war on Derskovia (Itazar-Derskov War)Derskovia


Battle of Tsargrad

the Derskovian Army wants attack the city of Tsargrad a good defended city with Forts A Itazarian Army Brigade attacked the Derskovians but the Derskovians won the Itazarians then the Derskovians wants capture the city but become struck and the Itazarians Attacked the Derskovians

Fall of Itazar

After the Battle of Tsargrad Itazarian leader Patrick Dalton and Derskovian diplomat Shady Morsi talks about the peace but the Derskovians thought Shady Morsi was capturd by Itazarian Forces the Derskovians attacked the palace Shady Morsi was taken by Derskovians and the Derskovians destroyed the palace of Patrick and Patrick flees

Fall of Bakara

2 Months later The Itazarians re-buld the army and attacked the Derskovian capital the Derskovians fight back but The army of Itazaria attacked the leader Thomas and shoot him in the leg with a bb gun the defence of Bakara surrenders 20 days later the result is that Derskovia become a protecate of Itazaria for 3 years on 2014 Itazaria fels in inactivity and Shady re-established Derskovia

After the war

After the war the most Derskovians agree with the Opucation of Derskovia but some Derskovians fight angist the Itazarians but the Resisttance fell in inactivty


Itazar afther the Fall of Itazar.jpg
Itazar after the battle
Itazarian Bunker.jpg
A Bunker of the Itazarian Armed forces
Itazar durring the war.jpg
Itazar City