House of Lee-Doss

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House of Lee-Doss
CountryEtopia and the other Etopian realms
Parent houseHouse of Lee
TitlesRoyal Duke of Etopia
Prince of Etopia
Princess of Etopia
Current headShana Doss (Royal Duchess)
Monarchy of Etopia
Flag of Etopia
Layton S Lee I

since June of 2020
StyleHis/Her Majesty
TypeAbsolute Monarch
ResidenceGoteherland, Etopia
Term lengthNo Set Length
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Etopia
Formation7 June 2020; 4 years ago (2020-06-07)

The House of Lee-Doss is a house of the Kingdom of Etopia and is one of the Etopian Royal Houses It was created after the marriage between Shana Lee and Brayden Doss since all Houses have to be related to Layton I it was named the House of Lee-Doss. The members of the house include Shana Doss, and Brayden Doss.


in 2022 , it was decided that the House of Lee-Doss would be formed as one of the royal houses of Etopia. Shana Doss, head of the House, was named Royal Duchess of Etopia on the 1 of Jan 2022. Over the course of half a year she would go on to marry Brayden Doss establishing the House of Lee-Doss and implementing a new royal bloodline.


First Generation

3 Months Long Start 10/1/2022 The first generation of the House of Lee-Doss had little history and consisted mainly of the creation of the House. Shana was though named Royal Duchess of Etopia

Second Generation

1 Year Long 1/1/2023 The second generation began after Layton took his throne in the Castillo Dorado (Golden Castle) and his reign began. During this period the House of Lee-Doss had begun selling some of their land (unowned by the Etopian Government) to another person outside of Etopia The House also obtained some land.


Current Major Titles

  • Prince of Etopia
  • Princess of Etopia
  • royal Duke

Current Minor Titles

  • Noble
  • baron/baroness


List of Royals and Members of the House of Lee-Doss
Name Major Titles Minor Titles Term Lengths
Shana Doss Royal Duchess None Royal Duchess (2021, current)
Brayden Doss None Noble Noble (2022, current)