History of Duschvaria

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The history of Duschvaria and the Duschvarian Reich have always been recorded, to prevent any important information or events about the nation being lost. The historical recording began the day of the nation's founding on November 3.

History of Duschvaria


After being aided by the Kingdom of Ikonia , Duschvaria declared its Independence of November 3, 2018 from the United States of America. It created its own Sports team, the Sachsburg Templars for the MFL soon after.

The title of Grand Duke was also established as a nod to Luxembourg.

Ikonian alliance (2018-2018)

Ikonian King Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed & the Grand Duke later created the official website of the nation.

On November 7, 2018 Duschvaria had a Summit with The Kingdom of Ikonia and the Empire of The Universal Chat. This was the first Summit it would partake in.

On November 10, 2018 Duschvaria & Ikonia later signed a defense pact to aid each other in conflict. The Monarchist Party of Duschvaria was later set up.

Concordance-Unimen Incident (2018-2018)

Duschvaria was one of many Micronations that took part in the Concordance-Unimen Incident. Though some Military Action was taken, Duschvaria mostly made propaganda. They were also one of the few nations that were involved with the peace agreement alongside Ikonia & Nottingham.

After the Incident, Duschvaria decided to leave the Concordat of Micronational Leagues to avoid getting into another situation like the incident again. And officially pulled out on November 24, 2018. On the same day, Duschvaria claimed more land around the backyard of Mason's house. Duschvaria soon joined the League of Micronations in December 2018.

Alexzillian War (2018-2018)

Despite the fact Duschvaria has mostly isolated itself from Micronational affairs, Duschvaria officially declared war on the Republic of Alexzilla on December 6, 2018. They were later joined alongside by the Universal Chat.

After the first battle of the War (The First Battle of Alexzilli), which ended in Unimen & Duschvarian victory, Duschvarian & Unimen soldiers launched a nighttime raid on the enemy on December 7, 2018. The Raid has since been dubbed the "December 7th Raid".

On December 8, 2018 Duschvarian troops alone later fought a battle against the Alexzillians and successfully pushed them out in the Second battle of Alexzilli.

After the spectacular defeat of the Alexzillians, on December 9 of 2018 they officially surrendered to Duschvaria and the Universal Chat. Their nation was later completely annexed into the Universal Chat.

The Treaty of Southwest Hamburg was later written on the same day, and then signed and published on December 10, 2018.

Post War and The Era of Great Reform (2019-2019)

Post War, the nation went inactive for a short period of time until the New Years. But before that he founded the Duschvarian Air Force, but only wrote the document of it's foundation of January 5, 2019. A day before the document was written, Mason decided to reform his nation. Officially turning it into a Prussianist state on January 4, 2019. The "Era of Great Reform" as Mason called it began the day that document was signed. Duschvaria soon unofficially left the League of Micronations.

The nation then went inactive for a long period of time due to various outside influences. But this soon ended, as the Lutheran Church of Duschvaria was established on January 30 due to Mason's religious beliefs. Then on the same day the country doubled in size. As it claimed a house into it's list of territory. The Grand Duchy annexed and founded the Margraviate of Neu Glücksburg. It was made a Margraviate as the borders were incredibly long and would be incredibly hard to govern without being under control of a Military Governor, the Grand Duke was then declared Margrave of the new Magraviate. The state, alongside Sachsburg were the first few territories in Duschvaria to gain local governments. To close out the day the title of "His/Her Grand Highness" was dropped and replaced with "His/Her Majesty".

During the inactivity the Nation soon gained more citizens. Two people and animals with Neu Glücksburg, and two more by immigration. As of now, nothing else has happened.

On January 31, 2019 Duschvaria rejoined the League of Micronations after the ousting of President Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed and the destruction of the Original Discord server. And soon Duschvaria officially declared it would completely cut all contact with Ikonia, officially declaring it would end relations with the Kingdom. While this happened, the National dish of Duschvaria, the Soft Baked Pretzel was officially declared the national dish.

Later in the start of February Duschvaria left the League. Duschvaria later entered in a slight era of dormancy, thus ending the Era of Great Reform.

February Insurgency (2019)

A political cartoon mocking the insurgents.

On February 26, 2019, a citizen of Duschvaria illegally tried to declare independence from the nation. This nearly caused a Civil war to erupt in the nation. Soon, with aid from the Universal Chat, on February 28 Operation Holstein Gottorp was put into action, a online military attack on the population centers of the rebels on Google Hangouts. The Operation was a total victory, ending in the defeat of the Rebels. The citizen in question was then exiled for a few days.

Duschvaria then officially named the newest province, Angloshire in the closing days of February. It was made a County. The nation then entered into minor dormancy.

The 1st Great Move (2019)

Soon, on March 1, 2019, Duschvaria changed locations. The old location of the Nation was reversed back to American land, but the new location stayed within Ohio. The original treaty of Southwest Hamburg and other documents were packed and put into storage. Despite this, Neu Glücksburg was not effected. In fact, the Capital of Neu Glücksburg, Gründorf was made the temporary capital during the move. The nation was officially settled in by March 7.

Soon, the nation entered the longest period of dormancy in history, however this would soon change as Duschvaria finally became a official member of the LOMN after the introduction of Political Parties for a short period of time. Germanic and Celtic nationalism grew in the nation and at Mason I's support of the idea, created the foundations of the Germanic-Celtic League. The organization was planned to begin accepting members in July 2019. Later the next day, at 6:39 PM, Duschvaria annexed the small nation of Sentris. The name was changed to Kinslin and its former leader, Ethan, was made Count of Kinslin and a general in the army. Soon two other people were granted citizenship. And the royal title of Lord of Nydeck was dropped on the 23rd of May.

The 2nd Great Move (2019)

Duschvaria again switched it's main location from the US states of Ohio to Tennessee, but the locations of Neu Glücksburg and Kinslin remained in Ohio. Supplies began to fully enter the new palace of Frederickhof and the rest of the nation on June 2, and more supplies would come in from the 3rd and 4th.

The New Autumn (2019)

Following several months of inactivity, Duschvaria cancelled the idea of the league in August 2019, and the county of Orange Flanders was soon renamed to New Swabia not long after. On October 8, 2019, the Slav Act was passed. By this act, the Grand Duke not only acknowledged his partial west slavic roots from the Slovaks, he also legally allowed the cultural formation of slavic communites in Duschvaria, and the allowance of federal states and places being named in the various slavic languages. Duschvaria then celebrated it's 1st anniversary on November 3, 2019. Following inactivity from the offical Duschvarian Instagram, it was shut down on November 8 because of management issues.

Formation of the Falangist State (2020)

On April 10, 2020, Grand Duke Mason took emergency powers in the nation. Under this state of emergency, the national Lutheran church was abolished, the MPD was dissolved and parliament was abolished. This was due to a factor of reasons, such as the changed political views of the Grand Duke, who grew to espouse Falangism, Austrofascism, agnosticism & the nationalist ideology of the 1920 Kapp Putsch and various other German Right Wing and Third Position groups. Finally, the title of Grand Duke was abolished, thus ending the Duschvarian Monarchy. This soon lead to the rise of the Duschvarian Reich.

History of the Duschvarian Reich

Formation of the Double Entente

Holen Propaganda about the Pact of Nations made during the Turbo-Holen War.

Soon after on the same day, the Treaty of Sachsburg was signed. This formed a pact between the Duschvarian Reich, the Hole of Communism and the Alexandrian Empire. It gained it's name after the two first members, the Reich and the Hole of Communism. It is a united front against Capitalism and will defend the others if they are attacked.

Two days later on April 12 the National Syndicalist Falangist Party was formed, becoming the only legal political party in the nation.

Ideological Shift

While still maintaining anti-capitalist and traditionalist views, the Falangist party eventually was dissolved and replaced with a National Bolshevik party, the National Bolshevik Front of Duschvaria.