Monarchist Party of Duschvaria

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Monarchist Party of Duschvaria
LeaderHM Mason Farrell
Founded2018 November 3rd
DissolvedApril 10th, 2020
IdeologyRight-wing populism
Right Wing authoritarianism
Anti Islam
Anti Immigration
Anti Communist
Anti Socialist
Anti Globalist
Right Wing Green
Anti second and third wave Feminism
Political positionRight-wing to Far right
Colors  Dark green (customary)
Official Page

The Monarchist Party of Duschvaria (MPD) was founded November 18, 2018. It's former leader is Reichkanzler Mason Farrell. It was the only official political party of Duschvaria.


The MPD was founded November 18, 2018 to lead Duschvaria to "It's path glory." according to the Grand Duke. It was influenced by the German Monarchist Party Bund Bayern und Reich, though the MPD does not believe in Aryanism or a Master Race. It believes in the ideals of Monarchism, Right Wing Populism and Right-wing authoritarianism. It currently has a few members. It currently leads in Duschvarian politics. It is also the only current Right-Wing party in the nation.

On April 10th, 2020, the party was dissolved and replaced with the Third Positionist NSFP, a National Syndicalist party.