Greater Wrythe

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Greater Wrythe
Province of Austenasia
The arms of Greater Wrythe.
The arms of Greater Wrythe.
Country Empire of Austenasia
Founded31 January 2009
 • Landed NobleHIM Emperor Jonathan I
 • Total0 km2 (0.00010 sq mi)
 • Total4
Time zoneUTC
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)

The Province of Greater Wrythe is an administrative division within the Empire of Austenasia. It is comprised of the Austenasian capital Wrythe and the Territory of Green Gate.

Greater Wrythe was founded as a province on 31 January 2009, upon the creation of a structure of administrative divisions, and is therefore the oldest province in Austenasia. Upon its creation, the province consisted solely of the Town of Wrythe, and the then Crown Prince Jonathan was appointed its Count.

The Towns of Zephyria and Thanasia joined Greater Wrythe on 25 April 2009 and 14 May 2013 respectively. On 7 June 2014, an Imperial Decree granted the province a coat of arms.

With Wrythe, Zephyria and Thanasia situated relatively close to each other, there were occasions when the entire population of Greater Wrythe were present at the same event. Examples include a fundraiser quiz in October 2014, and the engagement party of Jonathan I and Princess Hannah in December 2016.

The Empire of Austenasia Act 2017 saw Zephyria and Thanasia dissolved on 14 June 2017. Wrythe then for the first time since 2009 once more became the sole constituent of Greater Wrythe until the annexation of Green Gate on 14 March 2019.