Grand Unified Micronational election, July 2010

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GUM Chair election, July 2010

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  Sandus 003.jpg JamesOld.jpg
Candidate Will Sörgel James von Puchow
Party Citizens' Communist Independent
Home state Sandus Landashir
States carried 5 2
Percentage 71.4% 28.6%

Chair before election

Robert Lethler

Elected Chair

Will Sörgel

Elections for the Chair, Vice-Chair, Supreme Judge, Security Council, and Advancement Council of the Grand Unified Micronational were held between 7 and 24 July 2010. They were the GUM's seventh round of elections.

Voting for most positions was held between 7 and 11 July. However, the Chair election was delayed due to the withdrawal of the only original candidate, Jacob Tierney. By this point, the GUM was beginning its collapse, and turnout was notably low, with Austenasia notably being elected to the Security Council without receiving any votes.

Chair election

First round (21 - 24 July)

Filgert is the only recorded woman in GUM history to have run for Chair, or indeed any of the organisation's offices.

FlagofSandus.png Sörgel Antarctico londaise.png von Puchow Bokonton National Flag.jpg Filgert Renasia.png Thomas Flag of Francisville.png Stewart
  • SFRNflag.png Nemkhavia
  • Noflag.png Private ballot
  • Noflag.png Private ballot
  • Noflag.png Private ballot
4 4 1 0 0

Second round

FlagofSandus.png Sörgel Antarctico londaise.png von Puchow
5 2

Vice-Chair election

von Puchow Antarctico londaise.png FlagofSandus.png Sörgel
2 1

Supreme Judge election

This was the only GUM election that Lethler ever lost, coming just weeks before Erusia was exposed as a fraud nation.

Flag of Austenasia.png Jonathan Commerusia.png Lethler
2 1

Security Council election

FlagofSandus.png Sandus Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia
2 0

All elected.

Advancement Council election

Flag of Petorio.png Petorio Antarctico londaise.png Landashir Commerusia.png Erusia
2 2 1

All elected.