Monarchy of Raphania

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Sultan of Raphania
Official Portrait GrandDuke.jpg
Travis I

Style His Sultanic Majesty
Heir presumptive Crown Prince Daniel Nicholas
First monarch Alexander I
Formation 15 September 2021

Royal Throne of Raphania perched atop the Al-Aarondad highlands.

The Sultan of Raphania, is the hereditary head of state of the Westarctican Colony of Raphania, and has been from its founding. Between 15 September 2021 until its replacement with Grand Emir following the Raphanian Revolution in April of 2022, the title of Shah was used. On 19 November 2022, the title was once again changed to its current form of Sultan.

In practice, the Sultan exercises symbolic power over Raphania with the Viceroy of Raphania acting as the primary governor of the realm. In the past however, the monarch's leadership was more direct. This changed following the November 2022 war with and subsequent annexation by, Westarctica.

List of Monarchs

Image Name Title Reign
Alexander I (Fictional) Shah 15 September 2021 - 12 April 2022
Grand Emir Charles.jpeg
Charles I Grand Emir 12 April 2022 - 19 November 2022
Official Portrait GrandDuke.jpg
Travis I Sultan 19 November 2022 - Current