Raphanian Revolution

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Raphanian Revolution
Date8 April 2022 - 12 April 2022
Result Overthrow of Raphistani regime and installing of the Emirate

Territorial claims of Raphistan/Raphania

Desert Realm of Raphistan

Raphistani Security Force

Grand Emirate of Raphania

Royal Corps of Discovery

Diplomatic support

Commonwealth of Dracul
Commanders and leaders

Shah Alexander

Tony (8 April - 11 April)

Grand Emir Charles

Tony (11 April - onward)

Diplomatic support

Commonwealth of DraculStephen Luke

The Raphanian Revolution was a mostly fictitious civil conflict between the Desert Realm of Raphistan's government under Shah Alexander I and a rebel backed faction known as the Grand Emirate of Raphania led by Raphistan's founder Charles used by Charles to transition his micronational project away from a lighthearted project and into a more serious micro-sphere endeavor. The "war" began as Charles' attempted to revamp the nation and assert himself as the true leader, as opposed to his Shah Alexander "character". The war was decisively won by the Raphanians and backed by the government of the Commonwealth of Dracul Charles would overthrow the previous regime and establish Raphania as the soul governing authority over Raphistan's territory and citizenry.


Due to work commitments, Charles, the founder of Raphistan, would take leave from Raphistan in early 2022, leaving the nation's Marshal Tony the Great in charge. Under the new administration, Raphistan would stagnate into inactivity and in April of that same year, Charles decided to return to the project and revamp it towards a new direction, focusing more on nation-building and creativity over creating a large and bureaucratic community. Charles also wanted to decrease the more fantastical elements of the state and as such, moved to "retire" the Shah Alexander character. Charles' frustrations on Raphistan's state of affairs were shared with friend and fellow micronationalist Stephen Luke, who offered support and aid from the Commonwealth of Dracul in helping achieve Charles' remodeled vision.

Beginning of conflict

On 8 April 2022 at roughly noon, Charles Ross made a deceleration via a phone call and private messaging services of his intent to return to power within Raphistan. During his call with the nation's Marshal of State, he declared that no one within Raphistan should stop him and in return, existing government officials could keep their posts (albeit with some changes to their titles and roles). This was made public when Charles' then contacted the government of the Commonwealth of Dracul where he announced his scheme and from there, Dracul made the information public.

Gaining Traction

The next day on April 9, the Marshal of Government, Tony the Great, left Raphistan on a vacation out of state, leaving the Shah's forces without their primary leader. This paved the way for Charles and his rebel group to take vast swaths of the nation quickly.

By the 10th of April, all of the Raphistani frontier, Garretsberg and most of the Royal Concession were under Charles' control with only the houses of legislature within the Concession remaining under the Shah's direct rule.

Public Support

As the coupe progressed, Raphistani citizens overwhelmingly flocked to the side of Charles who, though he was the "enemy", was not encumbered by Raphistani Security forces due to them, while still being loyal to the Shah and old ways of Raphistan, refusing to interfere with the nation's founder and instead stood by passively while the revolt progressed.

Once it was clear that Charles was destined to win, Dracul threw its full diplomatic support behind Charles' revolt which he had begun referring to as the "Grand Emirate of Raphania".

Offensive on the royal compound

On the evening of April 12, 2022, Charles and his Raphanian forces encircled the last bits of the Shah's territory. Preparing to swiftly conclude the conflict, Charles posted a video to Raphistan's YouTube page announcing that by the end of the night, the Shah character would be killed off and he would take control of Raphistan in his real capacity and rename it to Raphania.

At approximately 7pm Mountain Standard Time, Raphanian forces broke through to the Raphistani chambers of legislature and seized control of the nation's broadcasting center. From there Charles (now going by the title "Grand Emir") gave an interview with Draculian-based KRBN News and conducted a virtual state visit with Draculian President Stephen Luke.

Overthrow of the Shah

During the one hour live-streamed meeting with Dracul, Charles declared victory and in a separate video produced later that same evening, declared the Shah character to be "dead" and that he was now firmly in control of the country.


Imediatly following the revolution, the name of the country was changed from Raphistan to Raphania, in addition the national flag, anthem and coat of arms were also changed.

Over the following days, other government agencies were changed such as the name of state broadcaster going from "TVT Raphistan" to "TVT Raphania". The URL of the nation's website was also changed and a new website would later be constructed altogether.

Allies of the former Raphistan quickly moved to recognize the new Raphanian regime with the Kingdom of Winterspell going so far as to congratulate Grand Emir Charles on his victory.

After the dust had cleared, Grand Emir Charles allowed some members of the previous regime to remain, notably Marshal Tony who the Grand Emir allowed to continue as de facto head of government, now under the new title of Prime Minister.

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