Governor of the Aran Islands

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Governor of the Aran Islands
Rialtóir na Oileáin Árann (Irish)
Flag of the Aran Islands
Executive branch of the Government of the Aran Islands
StyleThe Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofExecutive Council of the Aran Islands
NominatorSelf or third party
AppointerDirect election
Term length3 months
Inaugural holderFearghas MacLochlainn
DeputyLieutenant Governor of the Aran Islands

The Governor of Aran Islands was the chief executive of the Government of the Aran Islands. The final governor was Andrew Perdomo from 27 January 2023 to 27 June 2023.

History of the position

The position was originally called State Minister of the Aran Islands, the only minister being Fearghas MacLochlainn, whose position was later renamed to its present one. MacLochlainn was previously also Secretary of State for the Interior in Roscamistan.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Governor was the head of the devolved government of Aran Islands, and as such was the representative and leader of the province. The Governor was elected by the people of the province for a three-month term, and they had the following powers.

  • Appointment of the Executive Council
  • Represented the province in the College of Governors
  • Presided over the election of the Legislative Assembly
  • Created executive decrees
  • Signed provincial bills into law

List of governors

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end Time in Office
1 Fearghas MacLochlainn
(Born 17 April 1961)
Independent 22 July 2021 6 January 2023 1 year, 168 days
2 Simeon Nikolov
(Born 2000s)
6 January 2023 27 January 2023 21 days
3 Andrew Perdomo
(Born 2005)
Christian Solidarity 27 January 2023 27 June 2023 151 days