Fish 'n Chips

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Fish 'n Chips
Fish 'n Chips official movie poster.png
Poster released in 2019
Directed byAidan McGrath
Produced byMinistry of Film Regulations of Quebec
Written byAidan McGrath
StarringAidan McGrath
Jack Morris
John I
Country Quebec

Fish 'n Chips is a 2019 Quebecois action thriller film filmed and written by Aidan McGrath and notably voiced by McGrath, Jack Morris and John I, King of Baustralia.


The plot follows a rebel, Christoff James (Jack Morris) the main antagonist, a Kapresh citizen enraged by the current invasion of Kapreburg by the Kingdom of Baustralia and its creation as its dominion. As he plans assassinate Monarch John I, by sending him a package in His Royal Mail. Prime Minister John Timpson (Aidan McGrath), is given the job by His Majesty to find and execute the package. Over the course of the film, Timpson pursues Christoff and his package as they attempt to prevent a global conflict.


Cast in order of appearance
Character Position Actor
Christoff James Antagonist Empire of Kapreburg Jack Morris
John I HM the King of Baustralia Baustralia Himself
John Timpson Prime Minister of Baustralia,
and Protaganist
People's Federation of Quebec Aidan McGrath
Harrison Pickles Equerry to the King of Baustralia Baustralia Harrison Pickles

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