East German-Molossian War

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The War with East Germany
East German-Molossian War
Date2 November 1983 - present (de jure)
2 November 1983 - 3 October 1990 (de facto)
Status Ongoing (de jure)

Flag of East Germany.png East Germany

5972E2B3-0F90-49B6-92A9-09E645AEF974.png New East Germany
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Molossia.png Kevin Baugh 5972E2B3-0F90-49B6-92A9-09E645AEF974.png Der Präsident

The Republic of Molossia claims to be at war with East Germany, alleging that they are responsible for military drills performed by Kevin Baugh while stationed with the United States Military in West Germany, and therefore are also responsible for the resulting lack of sleep.[1][2] While East Germany formally ceased to exist in 1990 via the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany, Molossia argues that Ernst Thälmann Island, through dedication by Cuba to Weimar German politician Ernst Thälmann and lack of mention in the Treaty on the Final Settlement or by the nation of Cuba either, is still East German land, allowing the war to continue. On the 21st of December the president of New East Germany said he wishes to make peace with Mollosia. This statement was published on the public news network of New East Germany


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