Democratic-Libertarian Party

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Democratic-Libertarian Party
LeaderOwen Bean
Founded6 August 2021
Dissolved20 August 2021
Membership (2021)5
IdeologyLibertarianism, Neoliberalism, Laissez-faire Capitalism, Social liberalism
Political positionCentrist
Faltrian Senate
5 / 17
Faltrian Cabinet
0 / 4

The Democratic-Libertarian Party was a centrist political party active in Faltree. It was formed on the 6th of August 2021, after a merger between the Democratic Bleeding Heart Libertarians and the Democratic-Republican Party. It was at one point tied with the Faltrian Workers' Party for the position of the largest political party in the Faltrian Senate.

Party statistics

Senate Cabinet Overall member count Government majority?
5 / 17
0 / 4
5 No