Customs and Borders Police (Zealandia)

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Customs and Borders Police

Cbp badge.png

Securing Zealandia's borders to ensure the safety of the Kingdom

CBP Logo and Motto

Founded March 2, 2010
Headquarters Denton City-Province Kingdom of Zealandia
General nature Law enforcement

National Border Patrol, security and Customs Enforcement

Home Minister Rt. Hon. Wgn Cdmr B Fowler MHC
Chief Officer Field Marshall King Anthony

Provincal Border Patrol Directorate

Entry and Exit Point Guards Directorate

National Border Secuirty Directorate

General information
Jurisdiction Kingdom of Zealandia
Standard weapon Baton

Customs and Borders Police Service (German:Zoll und Grenzpolizei, Maori:Nga Whirinaki Pirihimana o Zealandia, Abbreviation:CBP) .The CBP is a jointly run agency which is staffed by personel from the Royal Zealandian Army and the Royal Zealandia Constabulary.


The CBP is tasked with maintaing Zealandia's teritorial borders and intergity, Upholding Zealandia's Customs and Passports regulations.The Ministries of Defence and Home may choose at anytime to arm the CBP


  • Controlling and guarding the national border;
  • Controlling border crossing persons, vehicles, and travel documents;
  • Preventing illegal border crossing of persons, vehicles, cargoes and other goods;
  • Controlling transportation of prohibited and limited items over the national border;
  • Preventing the movement of goods and other articles over national borders, bypassing the customs control;
  • Investigating cases related to offenses against the national border


The CBP is broken into three Directorates

  • Provincial Border Patrol
  • Entry and Exit Point Guards
  • National Border Secruity


The Provincial Border Patrol's duites include:

  • Managing CBP Stations and Equipment
  • Looking after detainees
  • Organisation for the other Directorates
  • Providing assitance to the other Directorates
  • providing backup for the National Border Security Directorate

The Entry and Exit Point Guards duites include:

  • Customs duites
  • Passport Control
  • manning of Authorised border crossing points

The National Border Secruity's duties include:

  • Guarding Zealandia's Borders
  • Preventing illegal border crossing of persons, vehicles, cargoes and other goods
  • Investigating cases related to offenses against the national borders


Insignia No insignia Koz sgt.png Wing comander.png Group capt.png Air comm.png Vice air marshal.png Air marshall.png Air cheif marsha;.png
Title Guard Border Sergeant Inspector Major Superintendent Sub General General Chief Officer
Abbreviation Grd B Sgt Insp. MAJ Supt. SG Gen CO

Emblem of Zealandia.png