Constitution of the Commonwealth of Zealandia

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Constitution of the Commonwealth of Zealandia
Picture of the Constitution
Picture of the Constitution
Created January 4, 2014
Ratified January 4, 2014
Location Zealandia
Authors King Haakon
Signers King Haakon
Purpose Constitutional Document

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Zealandia is the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Zealandia
The Constitution was drafted after successive government problems following the February Statskupp and restoration of the Zealandian monarchy.
The constitution draws from examples such as the constitutions of Australia, Denmark, Kosovo, Transnistria, Estonia, and Lithuania.


Although entirely compiled and primary written by King Haakon, the constitution was also formulated with the assistance of Elsie Nyqvist, Kate Lindström and Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson.

Historical Context

Following on from the Statskupp, which ousted the republican government that came to power in the Winter Revolution, Zealandia was governed by a series of weak documents and political leaders, until, King Haakon fed up with inaction and bureaucracy, decided to write this constitution, which is considered to be absolutist in terms of the monarchy.

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