Coalition of Micronations Court of Criminal Justice

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Coalition of Micronations Court of Criminal Justice
CMCCJ Logo.png
Established7 September 2022
Dissolved28 May 2023;
(8 months, 22 days)
CountryCoalition of United Micronations
LocationCoalition of United Micronations Headquarters, Tauranga South, Tauranga, New Zealand
MottoAbsoluta sentential expositore non indiget (English: An absolute judgment needs no expositor)
Judge term lengthOne - Year
Number of positions4
Chief Justice of the Coalition of Micronations Court of Criminal Justice
CurrentlyEthan Brinkman
Since7 September 2022
Lead position ends28 May 2023
Jurist term ends28 May 2023
Attorney General of the Coalition of Micronations Court of Criminal Justice
CurrentlyBen Ward
Since8 September 2022

The Coalition of Micronations Court of Criminal Justice (CMCCJ) was an elite intermicronational court of the Coalition of United Micronations. It was set up following amendments to the Philosostan Convention. It also came from a need by the rulings of the Philosostan Convention to have a judicial body for trials relating violations of the Philosostan Convention.

The court was established to hold a special tribunal and court hearing for the Empire of Him in the event of a Commonwealth victory in the Commonwealth - Empire War.

On 28 May 2023, the four members of the CMCCJ dissolved the court and moved to the Allied Court of Justice in the United Micronations Treaty Alliance.


The following are the members of the CMCCJ:

Name Role Term Start Country of Origin Role in TCM Resigned
Ethan Brinkman Chief Justice 7 September 2022 People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union.png Arstotzkan Union Secretary General 26 May 2023
Ben Ward Attorney General 8 September 2022 Ward Empire Flag.png Ward Empire Ward Empire Delegate 26 May 2023
Grayson Moore Deputy Attorney General 8 September 2022 GraysonCFLag.jpg Grayson Country Grayson Country Delegate 26 May 2023
Elijah Tibbits Justice 8 September 2022 CDGFlag.png Confederate Democracy of Gamers CDG Delegate 26 May 2023


Currently there are no rulings processed in the CMCCJ, however both the former Chief Justice and former Attorney General wished for a case known as Commonwealth v. Empire. Which was to take place at the end of the Commonwealth - Empire War, however this was revoked and the court was dissolved six days later.