Cherokee Morris

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Her Eminence
Cherokee Morris
The First Lady in 2020.
First Lady of Florania
Assumed office:
9 July 2020
President Aydan Dillon
Vice President Lukas Nörvu
Prime Minister Juan Cisneros
Predecessor Position established
Personal information
Partner Aydan Dillon
Father Frank Cutts
Mother Deanna Cutts
Born 11 August 2006 (2006-08-11) (age 14)
White Salmon, Washington
Political party Independent
Religion Atheist

Cherokee Morris is the First Lady of Florania. She became the First Lady when her partner Aydan Dillon became President on 9 July 2020.

Early Life

Cherokee was born on 11 August 2006 to an unknown mother and unknown father.

A couple of years after her birth, she was put up for adoption. She was formally adopted by Frank and Deanna Cutts, whom she has lived with ever since her adoption. The story most commonly told is her adopted mother "found her purple in her crib, while her birth mother was passed out in the hallway". The credibility of this story is disputed, however.