Central Bank of Uskor

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Central Bank of Uskor
Zeelandiens Riksbank
Sentralbank af Zålandien
Logo of CBU
Logo of CBU
Headquarters Tyrshavn, Denton, Zealandia
Established 2012
Governor Haakon, King of Uskor
Central bank of Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor
Currency Uskorian credit
Preceded by Central Peoples Bank of Uskor

The Central Bank of Uskor (Swedish:Uskorian Riksbank, Uskorian:Sentralbank von Uskorian abbreviated as CBU)is the central bank of Uskor.


The Central Bank of Uskor was founded by King Haakon after they dissolved the Central Economic Commission of Uskor on the 9th of March 2013. Prior to the Winter Revolution, Uskor's only bank was the Royal Bank of Uskor which had been in existence since May 2010.

Political control

Although theoretically independent of political interference, the Central Bank of Uskor is still susceptible to political influences through the appointment of the Governor.


The role of the CBU is to print and regulate the Uskorian Credit and other financial matters such as the interest rate.

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