Arstotzkan Federal Content Rating Commission

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Arstotzkan Federal Content Rating Commission
Agency overview
Formed3 November 2022
JurisdictionArstotzkan Federal Government
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Joshua Smith, Chief Censor
Parent departmentDepartment of the State (Arstotzkan Union)

The Arstotzkan Federal Content Rating Commission is a government commission created for classification of films, television shows, video games, and any other public material. It was created under the Films, Videos and Classifications Act 2022. Founded on 3 November 2022, its focus is to classify any published medium that's obtainable to the public.

Classification Law

The Commission classifies material based on whether it is likely to be "harmful" or "injurious to the public good." Specifically: "a publication is objectionable if it describes, depicts, expresses, or otherwise deals with matters such as sex, horror, crime, cruelty, or violence in such a manner that the availability of the publication is likely to be injurious to the public good." The Censorship Enforcement Office of the Department of the State is responsible for the enforcement of the FVC Act.


The Commission has several labels, carefully created with studies of international ratings such as those from the Amalgamated Film Rating Board, Office of Film and Literature Classification (New Zealand) and Entertainment Software Rating Board (USA). The Arstotzkan Union has classified these for use across all Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations member states until they create their own.

Label Name Definition Guidelines
Young Audiences Safe, non-graphic content for young children Content not made with intention to be graphic and safe for all.
Parental Supervision Safe for young children but may not be suitable for very young children. Parental permission for view maybe required May contain slight mild things which could offend or scare a too young viewer. Mild language may be tolerated, as well as minor violence, minor drug references, and minor sexual references.
Suitable for ages 12+ Safe for more mature pre-teenage individuals and parental supervision of those younger. Medium language can be heard, strong language as well but must be brief, moderate violence, little sex can be allowed though must be censored. Some drug references and very mild sexual violence.
Restricted More mature content only suitable for ages 13+ with mandatory parental supervision and/or permission (up to age 15) Moderate language is allowed, moderate violence, some gore, though not too vulgar. Some drug references allowed.
Suitable for ages 15+ Must be 15 or over unless accompanied or given permission to view by a parent or a guardian. Strong and sexual language, moderate violence, nudity allowed (though must not be too vulgar). Softcore sex is allowed, and minor sexual violence. Heavy drug use is allowed with some restrictions, decided by the Commission. Some gore allowed.
Restricted 16 Must be 16 or over Contains highly mature themes
Restricted 18 Must be ages 18 and over Contains very strong mature themes. Usually soft-level pornography and other such materials will have this classification.
Extremely Restricted Must be 21 years of age or over. Will usually always contain either hardcore pornography or very graphic violence or gore. Titles banned in New Zealand are given this classification, expect those which promote terrorism and other extremism content.
Banned Banned and Cannot be shown at all with in the Arstotzkan Union (incl. Territories) Content that promotes, suicide, self-harm, terrorism, violent extremism, Nazi-ism and Neo-Nazism, fascism, anti-Semitism, and extreme themes, including extreme pornographic and internationally illegal acts.

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