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The Arazanian Republic, more commonly known as Arazania, is a micronation in North America. California, specifically. (Pronounce: ar-uh-ZUH-knee-en)

Arazania was brought to life by Arazanian President Madison P. on 3/3/22, thanks to Kaetanian Prince Prince Reece l of the Principality of Kaetania. It was originally a nation for fun designed by the two until the Northern Alliance was founded. Several days after NA Foundation, an Absolute Democratic NA Nation called Cimancy emerged, collapsed, and became a territory shared between Kaetania and Arazania. In May, the Great Nation of Gamerland emerged and was deemed a threat to the Nations and Territories of the Alliance. After threat from Kaetania, the Treaty of Xeno was signed and Gamerland joined the NA and then was a new age of micronational peace. Fun Fact: Arazania is the only NA Nation with a wall, separating it from the US.

Arazania's first election was it's founding day, 3/3/22, and was technically not an election since there were two votes: Two for Miss Madison by Reece l and Maddie herself.

Overall, Arazania is a friendly nation and will support nations in need.


"Ara" means "We buy" in Yoruba, and "zania" means "for it" in Polish. This made Arazania's motto "We buy for it" as if buying freedom as well as happiness or health.

In Kaetan, "Arazania" means "New" or "Original" or "In the Making".


Arazania Founding Day/Independence Day, 3/3/22

The Roly Poly "War", 5/1/22 - 5/5/22

1st Kaetanian Invasion, 6/14/22

Politics and Government

Arazania is only run by President Madison P.

Law and order

Like Kaetania, the laws of California are in place.

Foreign relations

Arazania is a friendly country and respects most nation to avoid conflict.


Arazania has no military and is protected by the Kaetanian Royal Army (KRA) / Blue Army (BA) as of 6/29/22. There is no sign of threat of control.

Recognized Micronations

A list of Micronations recognized by Arazania and the Northern Alliance:

Geography and Climate

Arazania is mostly flat and is never below 29° and never above 104° (on the occasion). Arazania is usually sunny with lots of shade.

Map of Arazania

Top Left Box: Taarquii (Capitol) (Capital of North Arazania)

Top Right Box: Saarquii (North Arazania)

Bottom Left Box: Kuuazii (Capital of South Arazania)

Bottom Right Box: Juuazii (South Arazania)

Culture and Media

Arazania has some rich parts of it's culture:

The Start of Feebusism

Feebus, the first Kaetanian God, was found in the Kaetanian palace backyard. A toy that someone had dropped over the wall, it was found by Prince Reece himself.

It was a difficult toy to explain. It was a squishy ball, basically. His Exellency dubbed thee toy to be the Great Kae God Feebus, the creator of all life forms.

But Feebus was not immortal, and was eventually murdered by the Prince's twin brother, the President of Gamerland.

It was the Prince's job to resurrect Sky God Feebus.

The Resurrection was not successful. Feebus' spirit was put into a toy chicken, then a toy penguin, then lastly, a toy frog.

Feebus' reign as the Kae Sky God began again!


Feebusism has 5 gods:


God of: Sky and all Life Forms

Main Feebusist God


Goddess of: Earth

Second Main Feebusist God


God/Goddess of: the Sea

Third Feebusist God


Goddess of: Death

Fourth Feebusist God


God of: the LGBTQ+

Gay Feebusist God


Lettered Kaetan

Lettered Kaetan includes added more letters to the letters of the English Alphabet. Lettered Kaetan is more of a written and speaking-it-on-video-with-captions variant because it is very hard to distinguish what people are saying by their words alone. The new spellings that are shown is how it is written and spoken.

A = Aer, B = Bin, C = Cu, D = Di, E = Eih, F = Fe, G = Ga, H = Hu, I = Ie, J = Jo, K = Kae, L = Lu, M = Mo, N = Nei, O = O, P = Pe, Q = Qu, R = Ri, S = So, T = Te, U = Ua, V = Vik, W = Wai, X = Xu, Y = Yin, Z = Zi.

Try to decipher this sentence from Kaetan to English then read it aloud (in Kaetan, for specification.): Hueihluluo, moyin neiaermoeih ieso (yinouari neiaermoeih), aerneidi Ie cuaernei sopeeihaerkae Kaeaereihteaernei.

Symbolic Kaetan

An easier version of Kaetan, it can be read as Lettered Kaetan or just regular English. This is a written form of Kaetan, so you only speak it if you write it for a speech or something.

Important Parts of Arazania


Arazanian (common)

Arazan (rare)


Republican Democracy

President: Madison P.


Claim: 25.1 ac

Border: 0.782 miles

Provinces & Cities:

North Arazania: Taarquii (Capital of N.A. and Arazania itself), Saanquii

South Arazania: Kuuazii (Capital of S.A.), Juuazii

Territories & Outposts:


The Arazo-Kaetanian Territory of Cimancy


"Waieih Binuayin feori Iete" ("We Buy for It")


Arazanian Sun March


Kaetan (Lettered and Symbolic)








At least 200

Time Zone:


National Sport:

Kaeball (Kaetanian Soccer/Football/Futbol)

National Animal (Well, Insect.):

Roly Poly


Union of the Northern Alliance