Herway Department

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Herway Department
annexation date May 30, 2009
leader Kyng Fyrst
land area ~ 0.5 acres
languages Slin-Englysh
abbreviation HW

Herway Department was the second department of the former Slinky Empyre.


Anthylls National Park

Anthylls National Park took up the entire department, approximately half an acre. Sagebrush was located throughout the area, along with litter from citizens of the United States of America, the nation which formerly governed the Herway region. The trash was planned to be cleaned up by the tourism business by May 31, 2010, although it is unknown if they seceded in such a mission. On July 5, 2009, a tree branch from the United States of America was found in the park. Slinky Police was ready to intervene if this behavior of American citizens continued.

An advertysement for Anthylls.

The most famous anthill, Brydon Anthill, was named after Keepwatchic prime minister David Brydon.

In July 2009, a contest was held to name a large unnamed anthill (see this photograph), one of the largest in the park. The winning name was the Anthyll of Dyplomacy, suggested by Crown Prince Christopher I of Suiland.


2009 Census

A census took place on July 1, 2009.