Ambassadors of West River

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Flag of ambassadors of the West River Confederation

Ambassadors of West River are individuals selected by the President of the West River Confederation to serve as diplomats to micronations with which West River has bilateral diplomatic relations. Ambassadors serve until they either resign, are dismissed by the president, or are removed by a vote of no confidence in the Riveri National Assembly.

Ambassadors are often career diplomats, employees of the Department of State, or political appointees. The main duty of an ambassador is to be present in whichever platform the host nation uses for their online communication, most often a Discord server.

Current Riveri ambassadors

Host country Ambassador Took office
Bonumland Arden Zwählen 3 January 2020
Bryantia Guy Watts 3 January 2020
Eastasia Gus Rósínśtí 3 January 2020
Goldlandia Tom Mark 3 January 2020
Griffasus Roy Jackson 3 January 2020
Ponderosa Hills Logan Jack 3 January 2020

Ambassadors to intermicronational organizations

Organization Ambassador Took office
Cupertino Alliance Logan Jack 11 December 2020
Benjamin Pickles 11 December 2020