Allied Carolinian Coalition

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Allied Carolinian Coalition
ACC Flag

Former members

NottaLotta Acres
Zonian Confederacy

Goal To support the Carolinian claim to the Austenasian Imperial Throne during the Austenasian Civil War
Established 13 March 2010
Dissolved 2 April 2010
Strength 4 (at dissolution)

The Allied Carolinian Coalition was an alliance of micronational governments founded on 13 March 2010 by NottaLotta Acres for the joint support of the then Princess Caroline's claim to the Austenasian Imperial throne during the Austenasian Civil War. The Zonian Confederacy joined due to a military alliance with NLA. The ACC dissolved after NottaLotta Acres withdrew from the Austenasian Civil War on 2 April - the Zonian Confederacy had already withdrawn from the coalition and from the war on 20 March, being replaced later that day by the Kingdom of Sterling, which also withdrew on 2 April, mere hours before the coalition was dissolved.


The Baron of Sandus condemned the founding of the ACC, stating, "It will only prolong this childish, immature conflict. This conflict can only be solved by peaceful, diplomatic tones - not by the empty threats of the aggressor nations. If this Coalition does not disperse by 05:00 UTC on 21 March 2010, then Sandus shall sanction this Coalition with restrictions on diplomatic affairs, and that includes all the individual parties herein."

Alexander Reinhardt, then Prime Minister of St.Charlie, condemned the actions of the NLA, stating "You're not even somehow concerned by the matters of the conflict, you haven't contributed constructively in any possible way, yet you create a coalition with the purpose of appearing more important and expert. I also assume that Caroline herself is not aware of this "coalition"."

In comments made in November 2011, the then Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia condemned the ACC as having been "a ridiculously interventionist cry for attention from people with nothing better to do than declare war on a nation they cannot physically attack, in support of militarist rebels which were fighting against democratic principles".


The Union of Prometheus threw support behind the concept behind the ACC hoping that if the rebels were united they would be able to negotiate as a group. It also encouraged the immediate retirement of the Zonians and the NottaLottans from the war, as it did not affect them.

The Aegis Alliance, of which NottaLotta Acres is a member, declared support for the ACC immediately following its creation on 21 March 2010. The Alliance's Head State, the Zonian Confederacy, formally apologised to the Austenasian government for this in late 2011.