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Naval Ensign of Baustralia.svg
Flag of His Royal Navy
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Baustralia
HeadquartersHolderton County, Holderton
Agency executives

The Admiralty is the body established under the Defence Council of Baustralia for the administration of His Royal Navy. It meets formally only once a year, but continues to have discussions occasionally. It is made up of the Sea Lords of Baustralia, and chaired by the Lord High Admiral.


Office Current holder Responsabilities
Lord High Admiral and
John I, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Admiral of the Fleet
King John
Chair of the Admiralty. Titular head, and most senior officer of His Royal Navy.
First Sea Lord and
Chief of the Naval Staff
Nick Sullivan, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Nick Sullivan
Directs naval strategy in wartime and responsible for planning, operations and intelligence, for the distribution of the Fleet and for its fighting efficiency and military head of the Navy.
Second Sea Lord and
Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
The Lord Mayjames, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Vice admiral
Lord Mayjames
Responsible for non-ship based units of His Royal Navy, such as members of HM Naval School and the Naval Reserves.
Third Sea Lord and
Fleet Commander
Emily Parker, 2020 pattern army photo.jpg
Vice admiral
Lady Flavora
(Photographed before navy transfer.)
Responsible for members and units of the Fleet.
Fourth Sea Lord and
Controller of the Navy
Rear admiral
Sander Koff
Responsible for the procurement and/or design of ships, as well as recruiting.