2022 Tavil presidential election

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2022 Tavil presidential election
← 2021 20 March 2022 2023 →
Turnout93,5% ( 4.66 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
  File:HSK Avatar.png
Leader Hamza Samet Kaya Felix Harribal Micheal Benito
Party Tavil Democratic People's Party Tavil National Party Tavil Workers Party
Last election 46.27%, 214 seats 12.20%, 56 seats -
Seats won 113 97 45
Seat change 101 41 New
Popular vote 384 363 185
Percentage 29.51% 27.93% 14.22%
Swing 16.76 pp 15.73 pp New

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Sandy Portland Sofia London Alexander Ha'aland
Party Tavil Liberal Party Tavil Green Party Tavil Communist Party
Last election - - 31.13%, 144 seats
Seats won 24 14 5
Seat change New New 139
Popular vote 131 107 69
Percentage 10.12% 8.22% 5.31%
Swing New New 26.13 pp

  Seventh party Eighth party
Leader April Queens Pam Arial
Party Tavil First Party Independent
Last election 8.33%, 38 seats -
Seats won 2 -
Seat change 36 -
Popular vote 38 23
Percentage 2.87% 1.82%
Swing 5.46 pp -

President before election

Hamza Samet Kaya
Tavil Democratic People's Party

Elected President

Hamza Samet Kaya
Tavil Democratic People's Party

Presidential elections were held in Republic of Tavil on 20 March 2022 alongside parliamentary elections on the same day.

Incumbent President Kaya declared his candidacy for the Tavil Democratic People's Party on 2 February. The main opposition, the Tavil Communist Party, nominated Alexander Ha'aland, a member of parliament known for his combative opposition and spirited speeches against Kaya. The Tavil National Party, which coalition with TDPP nominated Felix Harribal. Besides these candidates, Micheal Benito, former party speaker for Tavil Communist Party from Tavil Workers Party, Sandy Portland, from the Tavil Liberal Party, Sofia London, from the Tavil Green Party, April Queens, the leader of the Tavil First Party, and the independent candidate Pam Arial announced their candidacies.

Campaigning centred mainly on the rising Tavil economy and foreign policy, with both government and opposition featured in the campaign.

Electoral system

The Tavil Republic electoral system had been changed a few months before the election. In the previous system, the President could also be the party chairman. This was changed in the decision made in the parliament. According to the new system, the President was no longer a party leader.

The President of the Republic of Tavil is elected by the people. But the prime ministerial elections are held by the parliament and must be held within 7 days at the most after the presidential election. Parliamentary elections are held together with the presidential election.


The Supreme Electoral Council formally announced the candidates on 19 Feb.

Official list of presidential candidates in order they appear on the ballot paper
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
File:HSK Avatar.png
Hamza Samet Kaya Alexander Ha'aland Felix Harribal Micheal Benito April Queens Sofia London Sandy Portland Pam Arial
TDPP TCP TNP TWP TFP The Greens Liberals Independent
announced on 2 Feb announced on 1 Feb announced on 17 Feb announced on 22 Jan announced on 31 Jan announced on 24 Jan announced on 18 Feb announced on 19 Feb


Kaya Campaign

Hamza Samet Kaya, the country's founder and in office since 2020, was officially nominated by his party on February 2.

Kaya's campaign was mostly focused on the Tavil economy, which has been on the rise since December. Tavil's economy had grown by more than 400% this month since December. Kaya promised that this growth would continue.

Another of Kaya's campaigns was on foreign policy. According to him, if he is elected, it will be more effective on other microstates in foreign policy. Besides against Russia, Iran, China and North Korea; The United States promised to maintain a pro-EU and NATO policy.

Ha'aland Campaign

Alexander Ha'aland was formally nominated by his party on February 1.

Ha'aland's campaign has been the subject of much controversy.

Ha'aland's campaign drew attention to the dependence of the Tavil economy on the US, Japan and the UK. According to him, if he is elected, the country's economy will get rid of this dependency, more socialist; It would pave the way for a pro-Chinese and pro-Russian economy. Ha'aland also drew attention to rising inflation. He claimed that the inflation and unemployment figures were not correct, claiming that inflation was at the 40% limit and unemployment was at the 35% limit.

Ha'aland claimed that the country was a puppet of the USA and that Kaya had enriched his fortune by supporting this. Ha'aland caused a lot of public reaction with these speeches.

He also made statements that if Ha'aland is elected, embargoes against Russia and Belarus will be lifted, and North Korea, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Donetsk and Luhansk will be officially recognized.

Until the election, because of his ardent and fierce opposition to Kaya, he garnered great support from the communist circles.

Harribal campaign

Felix Harribal was nominated on 17 February by his party, which is in coalition with the ruling party.

Harribal's campaign was mostly focused at rising unemployment in the country. Unemployment has been rising steadily since December. He promised that if elected, unemployment would be reduced to single digits.

Harribal announced that if elected, a more conservative and nationalist form of government would be adopted.

In addition, Harribal said that communism is a completely irrational ideology and that if they were elected, it would be completely wiped out from the country, while garnering all the support of the conservative and nationalist circles, it caused a very intense reaction from the communists. So much so that the communists was disclosed his phone number and banking infos, his website was hacked, and even a smear campaign was attempted.

Harribal did not criticize the incumbent president Kaya much, as his party is a coalition party.

Benito campaign

Micheal Benito was nominated by his party on January 22.

Benito's campaign focused mostly on the economy. He criticized the dependence of the economy on the USA and declared that they would build a socialist model if elected.

Benito also harshly criticized the Tavil Communist Party. Tavil claimed that the Communist Party had completely moved away from Leninism and Marxism, and that the party had adopted the ideals of Maoism.

Benito declared that if elected, freedom of expression would be completely free unlike the Tavil Communist Party.

In addition, Benito said that although he did not fully support Russia's invasion of Ukraine, pro-Russian regions and Crimea should be handed over to Russia for a permanent solution.

At the same time, Benito was often criticized for being the leader of his party, his older brother.

Queens campaign

April Queens was nominated on 31 January by her party, of which she is also the leader.

Queens didn't campaign much. He said that he supported the incumbent Kaya until the candidate was elected.

Queens has declared that democratic and liberal ideals will be adopted more if she is elected, that freedom of expression will be completely free, and that the form of government in the country will be full democracy in a coalition of 5 people.

According to the electoral system in the Tavil Republic, the president cannot be the leader of a party. However, Queens was criticized by all the public, including the ruling party, because she entered the election as party chairman, and she said that when Queens was elected, an extraordinary congress would already be held in the party and she would resign from the party chairmanship.

London campaign

Sofia London was nominated by her party on January 24.

London's campaign was the party's ideal of green politics. He said that if London is elected, the industrial taxes will be increased, the green reconciliation action plan will be implemented and a green policy and social democratic management approach will be adopted in the country.

In addition, London said that more importance will be given to human rights.

Throughout his campaign, London focused only on green politics and human rights, and did not criticize any other party, although it did not receive criticism from any other party.

Portland campaign

Sandy Portland was nominated by her party on February 18.

He said that if Portland was elected, taxes would be lowered and that the economy in the country would be fully privatized and a liberal economy would be implemented.

Portland also spoke about human rights and said that more importance would be given to human rights.

Portland has also spoken on green policy, and has given a lot of support to The Greens candidate Sofia London.

Arial campaign

Independent candidate Pam Arial announced her candidacy on February 19. In addition, Pam Arial was also a candidate in the 2021 election and finished last.

Arial argued that the president of the country should be completely independent and not affiliated with any party.

He said that if Arial is elected, the Swiss model will be adopted and a completely independent 6-person confederation will be established.

Arial also declared that if elected, the country would be completely neutral from all countries and events in the world.

Arial also talked about the country's economy and declared that he adopted a liberal economy.

Arial also talked about the judicial system in the country and argued that the judicial system should be independent from everything and everyone.

Opinion polls

Opinion polls were controversial. According to this, Kaya lost most of the time and there was too much competition between the parties.

Graphical summary

Voting intention

Date Pollster Sample size Kaya Ha'aland Harribal Benito Queens London Portland Arial Lead 1 Lead 2
19 March 2022 AX Survey 775 17 6.7 35.9 16.1 2.2 10.1 9.9 2.1 18.9 0.9
18 March 2022 Plus Survey 500 9.6 3.3 40.2 17.7 1.7 12.2 11.1 4.2 22.5 5.5
17 March 2022 Plus Survey 550 12.3 4.7 26.5 20.2 0.9 16.7 12.1 6.6 6.3 3.5
16 March 2022 AX Survey 400 17.9 8.1 19.8 19.9 0.8 14.5 14.4 4.6 0.1 1.9
15 March 2022 PR Survey 1000 15 7.7 18.8 24.4 1.9 13.3 15.5 3.4 5.6 3.3
14 March 2022 Moon Survey 400 22.5 9.9 13.3 23.3 2.7 11.7 12.2 4.4 0.8 9.2
13 March 2022 AX Survey 600 25.2 7.7 14.4 22.9 3.7 11.9 8.8 5.4 2.3 8.5
12 March 2022 AX Survey 500 29.8 3.9 16.6 21.1 3.3 11.1 6.5 7.7 8.7 4.5
11 March 2022 Plus Survey 600 27.1 5.3 18 20 2.1 9.9 7.7 9.9 7.1 2
10 March 2022 Moon Survey 225 26.9 5.1 15.6 19.9 2.3 8.8 5.9 15.5 7 4.3
9 March 2022 AX Survey 300 26.6 4.4 20.4 18.9 2.2 8.1 6.1 13.3 6.2 1.5
7 March 2022 AX Survey 200 23.4 3.9 23.2 18.8 4.1 12.2 11.1 3.3 0.2 4.4
5 March 2022 AX Survey 200 22.2 2.4 27.2 17.7 3.9 11.1 8.8 6.7 5 4.5
3 March 2022 AX Survey 170 19.3 6.3 32.2 12.2 2.7 10.9 6.6 9.8 12.9 7.1
1 March 2022 AX Survey 166 27.7 5.5 22.2 14.7 4.9 13.1 7.8 4.1 5.5 7.5
28 Feb 2022 Plus Survey 250 33.9 4.4 17 14.9 5.5 13.3 7.7 3.3 16.9 2.1
26 Feb 2022 Moon Survey 169 20.2 3.7 16.9 18.8 9.9 17.7 7.7 5.1 1.4 1.1
24 Feb 2022 AX Survey 275 18 3.8 16.6 19.9 11.3 18.9 6.6 4.9 1 0.9
24 Feb 2022 PR Survey 800 17.9 7.9 14.2 23.3 11.1 18.8 4.6 2.2 4.5 0.9
20 Feb 2022 Plus Survey 400 25 17.9 7.7 22.4 9.2 14.2 2.7 0.9 2.6 4.5
21 March 2021 Election[a] 46.3 31.1
- 8.3
- - 0.5
15.2 18.9


The election was won by incumbent president Hamza Samet Kaya. However, his party, the Tavil Democratic People's Party, could not win the majority in the parliament and could not come to power alone and went into a coalition with the Tavil National Party.

Candidate Party Votes %
Hamza Samet Kaya Tavil Democratic People's Party 384 29.51
Felix Harribal Tavil National Party 363 27.93
Micheal Benito Tavil Workers Party 185 14.22
Sandy Portland Tavil Liberal Party 131 10.12
Sofia London Tavil Green Party 107 8.22
Alexander Ha'aland Tavil Communist Party 69 5.31
April Queens Tavil First Party 38 2.87
Pam Arial Independent 23 1.82
Total 1300 100.00
Valid votes 1300 99.31
Invalid/blank votes 9 0.69
Total 1309 100.0
Registered voters/turnout 1400 95.5

Prime minister election

2022 Tavil prime ministrial election
← 2021 11 April 2022 (2022-04-11)
(third round)
2023 →

All 300 Members of parliament voting in the Parliament of Tavil Republic
151 votes needed to win
Turnout81.34% 18.66 pp
Nominee Adam Samuel Joseph Thomas
Party Tavil National Party Tavil Liberal Party
MP votes 154 74
Percentage 63.1% 30.3%

Prime minister before election

Adam Samuel
Tavil National Party

Elected Prime minister

Adam Samuel
Tavil National Party

After the presidential election, the elections for the prime minister and the chairman of the parliament were held together with the newly elected members of the parliament. The first round was held on 28 March, but the prime minister was not elected. Second round was held on March 31 but the prime minister was not elected again. President Hamza Samet Kaya called all the members of parliament to the parliament to prevent a government crisis and the third round took place on April 11th.


The prime ministirial vote is held in parliament by secret ballot. A candidate requires a two-thirds majority - or 225 votes - to be elected in the first two rounds. If there is no clear winner before the third round, the winning threshold is dropped to a simple majority, or 151 votes. If there is still no winner, the two candidates with the most votes from the third round progress to a runoff election, where the simply majority rule still applies. In the event of no clear winner among the two, the Tavil constitution states that a snap general election must be called to overcome the parliamentary deadlock.


The prime ministerial election came to a conclusion in the third round. Adam Samuel, the incumbent prime minister and Tavil National Party candidate, won the election.

e • d 
Candidates Position or political party 1st round votes 2nd round votes 3rd round votes
Adam Samuel Incubment prime minister. Tavil National Party candidate. 101 99 154
Joseph Thomas Tavil Liberal Party 31 109 74
Mike Jeffrey Leader of the Tavil Democratic People's Party 104 withdrawn
Sophia Riot Leader of the Tavil Green Party 11 9
Kevin Benito Leader of the Tavil Workers Party 30 22
Noah Fischer Leader of the Tavil Communist Party 5 5
Invalid votes 18 17 19
Boycott 5 39 56
Total MP turnout 295 261 244

Withdrawn nominations