2022 Nortonian general election

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February 2022 Norton general election

← 2021 18 February 2022

24 seats
13 needed for a majority seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Rafe Burfield David Brooke Thomas Jacobs
Party National Conservative Party Liberal Agrarian Party Communist Party
Leader since 6 July 2021 18 October 2021 1 January 2022
Last election July 2021 July 2021 July 2021
Seats before 6 2 1
Seats won 6 (no change) 3 1 (no change)

  Fourth party
Leader Kevin Doan
Party Monarchist Party
Last election new party
Seats before 2
Seats won 1

Prime Minister before election


Elected Prime Minister

David Brooke
Liberal Agrarian Party

The February 2022 Norton general election was the first 2022 election in the State of Norton. Though the senate elections were set for July 2022, after calls by the opposition and the government, President Rafe Burfield dismissed Prime Minister Terry McKeen and called an early election, which he set for 18 February 2022, the same day as the Roscamistan presidential election.


When the State of Norton was founded in July 2021, the first National Senate was elected soon after. However over time as many people became less active, many of the seats were becoming vacant, with senators being appointed by the President to fill them. The next election was meant to happen in July 2022, but as tensions rose and many in government and the opposition called for the dismissal of then Prime Minister Terry McKeen and an early election, President Rafe Burfield on 9 February 2022 dissolved Parliament, calling an early election and dismissed McKeen from office. Terry McKeen’s short time in office was marked by two scandals, one on his first day which nearly saw the government almost lose a vote of confidence and the second saw him be dismissed.

Election day

The election happened as expected on 18 February 2022. The National Conservatives kept their 6 seats, the Liberal Agrarians got 3 seats, up from 2. The Monarchist Party got 1 seat, down from 2. The Communist Party kept its 1 seat, the Patriotic Time Party lost its only seat, and independents got 2 seats, up from none.

Provincial results

Grand coalition

On 19 February 2022, Rafe Burfield tried to form a minority government after the election results. However after negotiations with David Brooke, Rafe was forced to form a grand coalition formed of all the parties in the Senate. David Brooke became the Prime Minister of the State of Norton.