Zealandian constitutional amendment referendum 001, 2010

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The Symbol of the Referendum

The Kingdom of Zealandia Constitutional Amendment Referendum 001 was a referendum within the Kingdom of Zealandia. The Referendum was held on 27 September 2010. The Referendum is required due to the National Parliament voting for a change in the Constitution of of The Kingdom of Zealandia to abolish the House of Peers and replace it with an elected Senate.


On Monday night 20 September 2010, First Minister Sir Robert Kennedy introduced into the House of Commons a bill to amend the Constitution of The Kingdom of Zealandia . The Bill subsequently gained the Supermajority required to pass through the House of Commons.

The Bill later that night, passed through the House of Peers with a majority vote (His Majesty King Anthony [acting Lord Speaker] abstained.) The events within the National Parliament where recorded by The Zealandian Times.

King Anthony in the wake of the Parliamentary vote established the Kingdom of Zealandia Electorial Commision (Elections Zealandia).


  • 20 September 2010 National Parliament passes the Bill creating the Referendum.
  • 21 September 2010 King Anthony creates Elections Zealandia an agency that is run out of the office of the King to supervise and administer all elections on behalf of His Majesty.
  • 22 September 2010 campaing started by the Yes Council followed by the No League.
  • 27 September 2010 Polls open


The Result of the Referendum were broadcasted on KOZBC One at 9:30 PM (NZ Time) followed by the result being uploaded to Youtube and reported upon in The Zealandian Times.

First Amendment of the Constitution of The Kingdom of Zealandia referendum
Yes or no Percentage
Yes 85%
No 25%
Voter Turnout 92%