Wyvernian general election, 2013

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Wyvernian general election, 2013
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All 4 seats to the Koninklijke Statenraad
3 seats needed for a majority
Turnout28, 100%
  First party Second party Third party
  WLP3.png Hezbollah.png Behemoth.png
Leader Bradley of Dullahan Quentin I of Wyvern Ossie of Behemoth
Party Liberal People's Party Behemoth / Pie
Leader since 2009 2009 2009
Leader's seat Dullahan Wyvern Behemoth
Last election 1 1 1
Seats won 1 1 1
Seat change
Popular vote 9 8 6
Percentage 32% 29% 21%

  Fourth party Fifth party
  LabourPartyW.png Cpow.png
Leader A. Of Wyvern Soviet Bear
Party Labour Communist
Leader since 2012 2010
Leader's seat Marine-State Xtabay
Last election 0 0
Seats won 1 0
Seat change 1
Popular vote 4 1
Percentage 14% 4%

Prime Minister before election

Bradley of Dullahan

Prime Minister-designate


A general election was held in Wyvern on the 10th of October 2013 to elect the 4 members of the Koninklijke Statenraad. The elections were announced on 7 October 2013, after the Prime Minister and the Cabinet had offered their resignation to His Royal & Imperial Majesty the King of Wyvern

Election Results

The results of the elections were shocking. The Labour Party, a party that wasnt represented for a year and lost at the last elections, won a striking comeback. This marks the creation of a possible new opposition or a new coalition partner.

Possible coalitions


Seeing the election results, the current centre-right government could continue to rule with the Liberals again at the helm. Though the rise of the Social Democrats could be the end of this coalition.


This centre-left possibility is a great oppertunity for the left to exclude the right-wing liberals who have been ruling for years without a break. But its unclear if the Centrist Behemoth party or the populist People's Party would agree with this coalition.