Communist Party of Wyvern

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Communist Party of Wyvern
Comrade GeneralSoviet Bear
FoundedDecember 2011
Membership (2011)4
IdeologyStalinism / Comunism / Leninism / Socialism

The Communist Party of Wyvern is a political party in Wyvern.

About the Party

The Communist Party was founded by General Soviet Bear in response to the lack of real Soviet socialism in Wyvern, his movement is to destroy everything and create his own Soviet hell state that will rise from the ashes and will bring glory to all Soviets.

Party views

Communist Party of Wyvern (CPW) strive for a glorious Soviet Wyvern, where comrade General Soviet Bear is the Dictator of Soviet Wyvern and rules all proletariat. He wants to force everyone to become a proletariat. He sees it as his duty to make sure that the Stalinist ways come to Wyvern, although he commented that Stalin was a sissy.



  • Dictatorship
  • Everyone is subjected to the leader of the Party
  • creation of a socialist state


  • Capitalism
  • Freedom
  • Liberalism
  • Fascism
  • Nationalism
  • Assembly
  • counter Revolution
  • Democracy