Williamsian pound

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Williamsian Pound
Official usersNew Canada
PluralWilliamsian Pounds
Banknotes£1, £5
Central bankBank of Dalton-Arika, Bank of Williamsia

The Williamsian Pound is the official currency of New Canada. It is produced in both Coins and notes. Each Constituent Country has it's own unique design of note, but a specific design of note can be spent in any New Canadian Constituent Country, not just the country of its origin. Coins are the same design for every Consitituent Country.


The Williamisan Pound was first minted and used in Williamsia where it was originally printed in £5 notes. Dalton-Arika later adopted its own design of the Williamisan pound resembling the Daltonese Micen. The Williamsian pound was later declared the official currency of New Canada.