Westsylvania Colony of Palmer Archipelago

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 Westsylvania Colony of Palmer Archipelago is a colony of Westsylvania. It was founded on July 27, 2011. The capital is Trinity Island.


Like its parent nation, Westsylvania Colony of Palmer Archipelago is a Democracy. They also have a Governor to represent them at Westsylvania Government.


The defence of Westsylvania Colony of Palmer Archipelago is under the control of the Westsylvania Territorial Guard. Also the colony owns their own Militia.


The Colony is facing a possible war between the colony and the Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands. It started when the TGDNAPI claim the Islands of Brabant Island and Anvers Island (the two largest islands in the Archipelago). Westsylvania attempt to talk to the TGDNAPI but failed, so Westsylvania told them to change the claim or Westsylvania will force the change. The TGDNAPI did responded harshly saying that the islands are theirs and they are never going to leave. Westsylvania reply saying the TGDNAPI dose not deserve the islands. The dispute was ended with a compromised border.

Other Border Disputes

The ASEA claimed the same archipelago. Which prevented the the colony from joining the AMU. But after the ASEA left the AMU after the scandal the claims of the ASEA were not protected and voting is ongoing for membership to the AMU.


Westsylvania claims all of the islands in Palmer Archipelago. 



Westsylvania Claim compared to AMU