Vinelandic Capitalist Communist Autonomous Zone

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Vinelandic Capitalist Communist Autonomous Zone
VCCAZ Flag.jpg
GovernmentOne-party capitalist communist autonomous zone within Vineland
• Chairman
Jackson T
Establishment12 March 2021

The Vinelandic Capitalist Communist Autonomous Zone was an semi-independent constituent country within the Kingdom of Vineland and former satellite government of the Kingdom of Crackistan. It was formed on March 12 of 2021, as a compromise following the First Vinelandic Civil War between the capitalist communists and monarchy. It had no de facto capital or active military, and its head of government was Capitalist Communist Party leader Jackson T.

Shortly after the start of the Second Vinelandic Civil War, the VCCAZ was suspended indefinitely as the Capitalist Communist Revolutionary Government of Vineland took control of the war effort. Its official dissolution came with the end of the war, when its existence was no longer necessary. The CCRGV was granted full independence and permanent territory, including the former land of the VCCAZ.