Kingdom of Crackistan

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Kingdom of Crackistan
Crackistan Flag.png
Crackistan Emblem.png
Coat of arms
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
Umesh I
Establishment23 March 2020

Crackistan, officially known as the Kingdom of Crackistan, was a small micronation formed in 2020 and dissolved in 2021. It is the indirect successor to J'and, and the direct predecessor to the Provisional Government Responsible for the State Formerly Known as the Kingdom of Crackistan. During its existence it had one micronational conflict and several satellite governments.



Crackistan was established on the 23rd of March, 2020. Its land claim was a small rock, about 70 square inches of total area. It generally stayed in the St. Louis area, where it was founded. Its borders never changed, although it has gone several places with the king, then known under the pseudonym Umesh I. The rock is now territory of the PGRSFKKC.

War with Obsidia

On March 23 of 2020, only a few hours after Crackistans declaration of independence, war was declared on the Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia. Crackistan at the time had no military and almost no organization in its new government. On top of that, Obsidia was in California while Crackistan was in Missouri, making the war almost completely useless.

Obsidia acknowledged the declaration of war, yet ignored all future attempts at peace made by Crackistan. Neither side saw any success in the conflict. The war officially ended on 1 May 2021, when Crackistan and its military were both disestablished.

Relations Established with Vineland

A close personal friend of Umesh I, Gage W., led his own micronation known as the Kingdom of Vineland. An alliance was formed known as the Crackistan-Vineland Alliance in early 2021. Its armed wing was the Crackistan-Vineland Joint Mobile Intelligence Task Force. Both still exist to this day, with the PGRSFKKC taking Crackistans place in the alliance. Crackistan and its military ended up participating in several events and operations within Vineland, with work still being done there to this day.

Puppet Governments, War and ANUS

In March and April 2021, Crackistan had several puppet governments established. These were, in order of first establishment, the Capitalist Communist Revolutionary Government of Vineland, Vinelandic Capitalist Communist Autonomous Zone, and Sacred Provisional Government of Burundi. Umesh I led all of these governments and their militaries.

Although the Capitalist Communist Revolutionary Government of Vineland and Vinelandic Capitalist Communist Autonomous Zone were both led by Umesh I, and were in a civil war with Vineland, Crackistan and Vineland remained allied as Crackistan itself was neutral.

An alliance between these governments was formed in April 2021 by Crackistan, named the Axis of National Unity and Security (ANUS). It was dissolved along with nearly every government in it on the 1st of May.


On the 1st of May, 2021, the First Articles of Reformation and Dissolution Act were ratified by the Provisional Government Responsible for the State Formerly Known as the Kingdom of Crackistan. The Kingdom of Crackistan, Royal Crackistani Defence Forces, Sacred Provisional Government of Burundi, and the Axis of National Unity and Security as a whole were officially dissolved. The land formerly known as Crackistan was ceded to the PGRSFKKC, and all the jobs the Royal Crackistani Government had were given to the new provisional government. The Capitalist Communist Revolutionary Government of Vineland, still in its civil war, was given full independence and let go from ANUS.

Crackistan, and almost all of the groups and governments that were tied to it, had ceased to exist entirely. Crackistani social media accounts and the official website were wiped later that day and into May 2.


The military of Crackistan was known officially as the Royal Crackistani Defence Forces, or RCDF. It was founded on March 24, around two hours after midnight. It's branches were the Royal Crackistani Land Force, Royal Crackistani Air Force, Royal Crackistani Naval Force, and Royal Crackistani Space Force. The only branches with any real activity were the land and naval forces.

The general staff of the RCDF as a whole was about 4 members strong, with Umesh I himself holding the rank of Senior General in the RCDF. The land forces had about 3, the air and naval forces 1, and the space forces 0. The RCDFs only real-life activity was in helping Vineland with its military operations and territorial expansion.

The RCDF and all its branches were dissolved May 1, along with the rest of Crackistan.