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Introduction for the zero people who care


My name is Jackson T. and I'm a small-time micronationalist with experience dating back to maybe 2017.

Flag of my current main project, The People's Provisional Government of Phencyclidinistan.

My earliest micronation was J'and, a micronation founded in 2017 and de facto based in my hometown of St. Louis. Its claim was a very very small island at the edge of Antarctica. It practically ceased to exist by 7/1/2018 at the latest, when I became inactive.

I resurfaced in March of 2020, forming the Kingdom of Crackistan and going on with it for a little over a year. I had several satellite governments and entered three micronational wars, with one still going on today. In May of 2021 I dissolved Crackistan and established the Provisional Government Responsible for the State Formerly Known as the Kingdom of Crackistan, or PGRSFKKC for short. It was succeeded by the People's Provisional Government of Phencyclidinistan (PPGPCP). And that's where I'm at today.

I created this account around May 2nd of 2020, to create a useless and short page for Crackistan. However, it's main use now will be to record my entire history in micronationalism, mostly for myself. I am also on the r/micronations subreddit as u/JacksonT-49, but my account is very new and not so active.

Below are all the rather simple pages I have down so far, though more pages and much more detail should be on the way in the future. If you notice any errors, or have any ideas as to how I can improve them or MicroWiki as a whole, please let me know.

Thank you, and have a great life.

Pages for micronations of mine

Pages for micronations of someone elses

Micronational conflicts