Uskorian Civil Defence Corps

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Uskorian Civil Defence Corps

Civil Defence Corps Logo.png

Emblem of the Civil Defence Corps

Motto: Worst in Nature, Best of Uskor

Established 14 January 2017
Country Uskor
Commander-in-Chief Charlotte as High Queen of Uskor
Commissioner Charlotte Katrinsdottir
General information
Headquarters Freyavik, Ny-Troms

The Civil Defence Corps (Norwegian: Civilförsvar Zeelandien) is the civil defence agency of the Commonwealth of Uskor, dedicated to assisting the community in times of natural and man-made disasters and educating the community about being safe during natural disasters.
The Civil Defence Corps is overseen by the Ministry for Civil Defence & National Resilience via the Board of Commissioners.

Foundations and history of civil defence and fire within Uskor

The foundations of the Civil Defence Corps lies with the original civil defence organisations established during the response to the Christchurch Earthquakes and later Australian bushfires impacting upon Uskor.
Following on from this the various Uskorian civil defence agencies that followed had various names and durations as the various government and forms of government in Uskor changed.
It has been stated that there has been a push by Uskorians both in government and outside of government to move away from the traditional concepts of civil defence and fire prevention into a more community orientated organisation, as well as a ceremonial role.
The Civil Defence Corps in its current form follows on from these various organisations and was formally established by a Royal Decree during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, which created the corps and the Fire Guard.

Powers and Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Civil Defence Corps is responding to small natural disasters within Uskor excluding fire, maintaining public safety, and community education. Additionally, the Civil Defence Corps is tasked with both ceremonial duties and Continuity of government operations.
The professional head of the Civil Defence Corps is the Commissioner, currently Charlotte Katrinsdottir, who is appointed by the High Queen on the advice of the relevant Minister of the Crown.
The Civil Defence Corps is divided operationally into both geographic units, and special units.



NATO Equivalent OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
Uskor flag.png Uskor
Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia High Queen.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia Minister.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC SE1.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC SE2.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC SE3 test.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia UCS El2.png N/A Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC EL1.png N/A Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC 6.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC 5.png Uskorian Unified Rank Insignia USC 4.png N/A
High Queen
Deputy Commissioner
Assisterende Sivilforsvaretdirektør
Assistant Commander
N/A Inspector
N/A Group Officer
Sub-Group Officer

Other Ranks

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