United Seats of Whestcorea

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This article refers to a country by the same name of a nation that served as its effective progenitor. If the original country was the one you were intending to find, you can view that article here.

United Seats of Whestcorea
Anthem: "I'll Be There For You" orchestral arrangement
[[File:Various London Underground train carriages, two cars, one table|frameless|upright=1.15]]
CapitalA Triumph 2.5 PI
Largest cityLondon Underground train carriage 3323
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentParliamentary democratic simulation
• Prime Minister*
Bob Christ
• Speaker of the House
Harrison Eden
LegislatureWhestcorean Parliament
• (3 real, 93 simulated) census

*At present, this country still nominally uses the original Whestcorean constitution, so the technical name of the leader of the executive is "Mememaster-General" - though "Prime Minister" is now used in practice

The United Seats of Whestcorea is a unitary pseudo-state that claims sovereignty over a certain area of territory, in despite of its sovereignty not being supported by other established nations as per the Montevideo Convention; a supposed country in the state of being a micronation. Established on the 14th of September, 2016, the state, in the words of then Leader of the Opposition Bob Christ, was set up to be the "true" successor to its predecessor, the Federal Republic of Whestcorea (the word "true" was used in place of "legal" - the legal successor, mostly due to its recognition as such by the Grand Unified Micronational, is the Realms of Valdsland,[1] now a Mercian colony).

The vast majority of the citizenry of this iteration of Whestcorea is simulated. At the moment, this simulation is done on a randomly generated number basis. Most constituencies of Whestcorea contain five "citizens", though some possess seven, and the capital possesses nine - meanwhile, three of the constituencies contain actual people, specifically the three people operating the system - the Prime Minister, Bob Christ, the Speaker of the House, Harrison Eden (also known as Horatio Eden), and the Leader of the Opposition, Jamesearlblessedheart (x2).


The etymology of "United Seats of Whestcorea" comes from three main sources; primarily, the name is a play on "United States", given the half-rhyme between "states" and "seats". "Seats" is used to refer to the nature by which new constituencies are annexed: only tables, vehicles, public transportation or any other area with enough chairs or seats is considered viable territory. Finally, "Whestcorea" comes from the original nation, which in turn is based on a portmanteau of "west" and "Korea", a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reference to the ongoing tension on the Korean peninsula, the portmanteau itself having been created with the inception of the original country.


Constituencies are annexed if they possess a prerequisite number of seats and are approved by Parliament

Territories of Whestcorea are selected on a different basis to the way they are traditionally chosen. If a prospective constituency has a sufficient number of seats - specifically, five - then it is considered for membership of the nation. However, this is not all - a non-simulated member of the government must also have visited the constituency to ratify that it can be considered, under Whestcorean law, to be administrated by the nation.

At present, two trains on the London Underground, carriages 3233 and 52712, are considered Whestcorean territory, as is a Triumph owned by the Prime Minister and a car owned by the Leader of the Opposition. In addition, a table at a cafe in Regent's Park is also claimed.

The environmental nature of these territories - the cars and the train carriages, specifically - vary wildly based on where the train or car is geographically located at the time. However, the temperature for the territory in Regent's Park can be monitored:

Climate data for Westminster, United Kingdom
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F 48 50 54 59 64 70 73 73 68 61 54 48 60.2
Average high °C 9 10 12 15 18 21 23 23 20 16 12 9 15.7
Source: World Weather Online




Whestcorean Parliament
1st Ministry of Whestcorea
Founded14th September, 2016
Preceded byFederal Government of Whestcorea
Prime Minister
Bob Christ (PP)
Speaker of the House
Jamesearlblessedheart (x2) (DDP)
Parliament political groups
Governing Administration
  •   Party Party of Whestcorea (10)

Most Loyal Opposition

The parliament of Whestcorea, at present, contains 19 "elected" members, of which three are real and 16 are simulated. The House is divided between two parties, the Party Party, the successor party to its namesake within the original Federal Republic, and the Democratic Dictatorship Party, also a party in reference to the party of the same name that existed in Whestcorea prior to dissolution under then-existent electoral legislation.


The nation presently continues to use the nominal Supreme Court of Whestcorea, though a new Supreme Court will need to be appointed upon the ratification of a new constitution.

Prime Minister Bob Christ has yet to announce who he intends to nominate to the Supreme Court.


The Prime Minister has the constitutional authority to appoint a cabinet to assist them in matters of policy.

Prime Minister Bob Christ has appointed a cabinet out of the three real people in the nation, which has resulted in a cross-party cabinet with members of both the government and opposition, resulting in a pseudo-Ministry of All the Talents. The cabinet is, at present, formed as follows:

Bob Christ (Prime Minister) Harrison Eden Jamesearlblessedheart (x2)
Domestic Affairs
Foreign Affairs