United Micronations of Europe

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United Micronations of Europe

Intermicronational organisation
Headquarters Discord
Official language English
Membership 2 full members, 1 observer
President Sander Koff
Vice-President Kaarel Luikmel
Supreme-Justice Endel Pällin
Foundation 31 January 2021

The United Micronation of Europe (UME) is an intermicronational organisation founded on 31 January 2021. The UME currently consists of two Full Member States and one Observer.


Name of the nation Nation's delegates Important positions held by this nation Date of joining Membership status
Revalian Kingdom Sander Koff, Kaarel Luikmel, Endel Pällin President, Vice-President, and Supreme-Justice 31 January 2021 Full member
Jarldom of Hjalvik Jarl Juvan I Minister of MicroWiki Affairs 1 February 2021 Observer
Kingdom of Reichproviz King Fionn I None 2 February 2021 Full member

How to join?

For joining, a micronation has to fill these requirements:

  • 1: The nation must claim real land in Europe, besides fictional or on other planets, or on the moon. (real land even as small as 1 square meter.)
  • 1: UME does’t recognize nations who claim territory belonging to other UME nations.

If you fill these requirements you can join our discord server: UME Official Discord

or (if you do not have discord) fill out the membership form: Membership Form