United Halltania

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United Halltania

Animus Omnia Vincit
Hail, Hail Halltania!
Halltania lands.png
United Halltania
Capital cityOsceatola
Largest cityCrown Victoria
Official language(s)English, Samole
Official religion(s)Freedom of Religion
GovernmentHereditary Monarchy
- EmperorEmperor Samuel I
- EmpressEmpress Samantha
EstablishedMay 6, 2009
Area claimed5.5km²
CurrencyImperial Morg
Time zone(UTC -5)(UTC -7)(UTC -10) (UTC 0)
National animalPanther

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United Halltania is a micronation founded on May 6, 2009 by Emperor Samuel I and Empress Samantha.


The name Halltania originates from the surname Hall, and the Muskogee word tingvskv (tan-guh-skuh) meaning "the land of".


The Nation of AMC

United Halltania has it's origins in the now-defunct Nation of AMC. The Nation of AMC was formed in 1998 by then-King Samuel and King Morgan who ruled the nation as Dual Monarchs, and determined the area of the nation as all land in a two meter wide straight line between the space the two occupied at any given time. The nation stagnated in 2003, however, due to a long separation of the two monarchs during the time that King Samuel was traveling the world on military expeditions. During this time, there were rumors that King Samuel became a founding member of the insurgent organization Trojan World Order, but these rumors have never been substantiated. The nation was officially dissolved in 2006, and King Samuel and his supporters went on to create United Imperial Halltania.

United Imperial Halltania


United Imperial Halltania was created on January 1, 2006 when King Samuel named himself Emperor Samuel I. The Emperor immediately adopted an expansionist policy, laying claim to large amounts of land very quickly. The Emperor soon realized that the expansion was unrealistic when he was unable to keep control of these newly acquired territories. In light of this, the Emperor opened the nation to those who wished to donate lands in return for governorship and peerage, and carefully planned acquisitions. This period of history brought about the addition of six territories in three countries, and swelled the claimed size of the nation to nearly 14 km².

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom

In May 2006, the United States government issued a formal request to United Imperial Halltania for assistance in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In response, Imperial Halltania provided three teams of Rapid Deployment Force intelligence operators, two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. These teams worked jointly with Coalition soldiers, and received many accolades for their work. During this deployment the nation suffered their first, and to date only, combat-related casualty.

United Halltania

On May 6, 2009, Emperor Samuel I declared the Imperial Age of Halltania officially ended, and the nation was restructured into United Halltania. Plans were made to incorporate a parliament in the government, and elections for a prime minister were considered. However, on May 22, the United States again requested assistance in their wars. This time, Halltania sent a single team led by Emperor Samuel himself, deep into the heart of al-Anbar province. The Halltanian presence there was instrumental to the success of the Coalition mission.

Continued sanctions by the State of Georgia, as well as biological and economic terrorism conducted against Halltania by as-yet unidentified persons led to Capistronia being abandoned, and the Government again relocated, this time going far south and establishing the newest capitol, Osceatola. Since this time, the nation has been focused on growing it's economy and population, as well as entering into diplomatic relations with other nations.

War With Georgia

On October 12, 2007, Emperor Samuel I was detained by agents of the State of Georgia upon returning from leading his soldiers, and imprisoned in what was described as "an overcrowded penal camp", allegedly without being informed of the charges against him. After two days of imprisonment, he was finally released and the charges against him were dropped. However, the State of Georgia levied stiff economic sanctions and movement restrictions against United Imperial Halltania. These sanctions led to the Government orchestrating a daring escape, by breaking through Georgian territory and escaping by land to friendly territory in the north. As a result, the Halltanian capitol, The Trace, was lost to Georgia. Upon their arrival in the north, the Halltanian government annexed a small territory, and named the new capital Capistronia. The Emperor then drafted a formal declaration of war that was delivered to Governor Sonny Perdue of the State of Georgia on February 19, 2008

On January 10, 2011, Governor George "Sonny" Perdue was found inelligable to pursue reelection. Having been ousted from the Governor's seat, Halltanian Leadership paid close attention to his successor Nathan Deal. An official letter was sent to the office of the Governor, detailing the leadup to the war, and referencing the official declaration sent in to Governor Perdue. On April 3, 2012, Emperor Samuel received a letter in return from the office of the Lieutenant Governor stating in part:

"I would like to thank you for your service and sacrifice to this great nation. The incident you wrote us about is regrettable and is not how we should treat our returning Veterans. For this, I sincerely apologize."

In light of this, Emperor Samuel officially ended the war with Georgia, declaring victory in spite of the material losses incurred. Parliament named April 4 "Celebration of the Victors", and made it a new National Holiday.

Government and politics

The Government of Halltania is a Hereditary Monarchy, the head of the royal family is also the Head of State. The Head of State has final say on all laws and actions of the nation, but any member of parliament may bring resolutions up for review and discussion. Parliament consists of those persons appointed to head Ministries. and persons holding Governorship over Halltanian lands.

Royal Family

The Royal Family of Halltania consists of:

HIM Emperor Samuel I
HIH Empress Samantha
HRH Prince Wyatt Diomedes

In accordance with Halltanian custom, HRH Prince Wyatt Diomedes is scheduled to be made Crown Prince on the first day of Spring after his birth.


There are currently seven ministries in the Halltanian Government.

The Ministry of Defense is located in the province of Crown Victoria and handles all defense related activities, to include the Halltanian Military. The Minister of Defense is the Honorable Lady Eris.

The Ministry of Finance is located in Osceatola and is responsible for the economic matters of Halltania. The Minister of Finance is Empress Samantha

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located in Osceatola, and handles both the Diplomatic Bureau, and the Intelligence Bureau. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the Honorable Racine Damasso.

The Ministry of Media Affairs is located in Osceatola and handles all official media and press. The Minister of Media Affairs is the Honorable Margaret Kirk.

The Ministry of Health advises the Royal Family on all health related decrees. The Minister of Health is the Honorable Carlyne Pham.

The Ministry of State controls the Bureau of Nobility, the Bureau of Inquisitions, and the Bureau of Immigration. Currently, the seat of Minister of State is vacant, and has been assumed by Emperor Samuel I.

The Ministry of Circuses is in charge of planning and conducting the national celebrations and ceremonies of United Halltania. The Minister of Circuses is the Honorable Jessica Soda.

Law and order

The Articles of Law are the supreme law of the land, that bind even the Royal Family. Should any member of the Royal Family ever attempt to circumvent these laws, they will immediately be stripped of their title, and lose all power. In this event, Parliament will vote for a new Royal Head.

Prohibited Organizations

The following organizations are prohibited from entering or operating in the Nation of Halltania:

  • Church of Scientology
  • Sea Sheppard Org
  • Westboro Baptist Church
  • Agents of the State of Georgia
  • Agents of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Organizations promoting racist, sexist, or homophobic agendas.

Foreign relations

United Halltania maintains foreign relations with several countries officially. The strongest ally of United Halltania is the nation of Caer Dwfyl, who has been allied with United Halltania since 2010.

Halltania also has relations with the United States of America. Financial Aid is sent yearly to the United States, as well as military and humanitarian medical aid as needed.


The Military of United Halltania is structured as a Rapid Deployment Force, centered on mobility and guerrilla warfare. As such, the small size of the military necessitates reliance on the forces of other nations to assist with large scale attacks by foreign powers. Currently United Halltania has protection agreements with the governments of the United States and Great Britain.

Geography and climate

As a non-contiguous nation, the climate and geography of United Halltania varies from relatively flat sub-tropical to mountainous and arid.


There are currently five provinces that make up United Halltania. The capitol of Osceatola is home to the Royal Palace, as well as the Halltanian National Brewery. Osceatola claims forty meters of coastline, and is sub-tropical in climate.

Crown Victoria lies at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, and is home to the Ministry of Defense and Otherwood; Halltania's version of Hollywood.

Morgania is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, seventeen kilometers west of Denver, Colorado.

Bladia can be found on the European continent, just outside Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England.

Kali'ki'ana is located on an uninhabited island on the Hawai'ian chain of islands, and has been named a National Preserve and Royal Park by the Emperor.


The major exports of United Halltania are beer, firearms, and ammunition. These are distributed through the Halltanian National Breweries and The Halltanian Armory, respectively.



The Halltanian Royal Family bestows Peerages upon citizens who distinguish themselves in service to the micronation. These Peerages are given by the Emperor himself, and the records of such are kept at the Ministry of State's Bureau of Nobility.


Halltania is known regionally for it's cuisine, and many people are known to attend the various Halltanian festivals and celebrations to sample the foods there.

Breakfast in Halltania during the work week typically consists of fruit, yogurt, sweet breads with strong coffee or tea. In the winter months, oatmeal, cream of wheat, or grits are also popular. Eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes are typically served as a weekend meal to replace both breakfast and lunch.

Lunches are usually a light affair. Coffee, tea, and sweet breads, muffins, or cakes. This meal is usually taken outside, weather permitting, to allow for the use of tobacco after the meal. While this is an old tradition, as of 2009 tobacco use in United Halltania is waning.

Dinner is the largest meal of the day, and is occasionally called "Chvska" (choos-ka), or "Celebration". While the foods range depending on the location, some of the more popular dishes are Halltanian Barbecue, Fry-bread, Pad Thai, chili, and stew. Dinner is served with generous portions of Halltanian Ale or wine. Children are usually served a mead or fruit wine that is not fermented.

National Sports

Samjaa Kung-Fu

Samjaa Kung-Fu is the Martial Style created by Emperor Samuel I, and practiced by as much as sixty percent of the population. Most of those that practice do so daily, and it is recognized by the Emperor as the official sport of Halltania.


Rugby has been recognized as the official International Sport of Halltania. As Halltania lacks a Rugby squad of it's own, the nation supports the New Zealand All Blacks in international play.

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