United Halltanian Military

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Halltanian Military
Active June 2003 – Present
Country United Halltania
Service branches Royal Defense Force
Royal Commando Regiment
Imperial Guard
Royal Air Force
Special Intelligence Group
Current engagements Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Tiger South
Operation Ice Fire
Previous engagements Operation Iraqi Freedom
Standard weapon None
Current commander HIM Emperor Samuel I
Military manpower
Active troops 14
Reserve troops 20
Total personnel 34

United Halltania maintains a well rounded Military and Defense force consisting of the Royal Defense Force (RDF), Royal Commando Regiment (RCR), Royal Air Force (RAF), Imperial Guard (IG), and Special Intelligence Group (SIG).


The United Halltanian military was instituted on June 6 2003. At the time, it was organized as the Nation of AMC's Defense Forces. After the reorganization into United Imperial Halltania, and later United Halltania, the nation's military adjusted it's organization accordingly while maintaining it's original command structure.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

In early 2005, the military of United Halltania was requested to assist the United States with it's war in Iraq. United Halltania lent assistance in the form of combat troops and intelligence professionals for the duration of the campaign, and were cited for being directly responsible for many successful operations.

On March 16, 2006, United Halltania suffered it's first and only combat-related casualty. As a result, Emperor Samuel I named March 16 as Remembrance Day.

Current Status

The Halltanian Military is a completely modernized, well trained, and highly motivated force with access to a wide range of weaponry, transport, and equipment. According to the Ministry of Defense, Halltanian soldiers are currently deployed to Afghanistan, England, Germany, North Africa, Thailand, the State of Georgia, and several other classified locations.

Organization, Tactics, and Training

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard of United Halltania is tasked with protecting the Royal Family, Ministers, and Government assets. These members are hand-picked and trained by the Emperor, and must meet rigorous requirements. The Imperial Guard are a static and V.I.P. defensive force and do not deploy. Most often, Imperial Guards are equipped with .40 caliber pistols, though the 5.7mm FN P90 has been issued on occasion.

Training for the Imperial Guard includes:

VIP Escort Training.
  • Expert Training in Samjaa Kung-Fu
  • Small arms proficiency training
  • Counter sniper operations
  • Non-defensive driving
  • Area security measures

Royal Commando Regiment

The Royal Commando Regiment is the Infantry force of the United Halltanian Military. These soldiers utilize Asymmetric Warfare Tactics to capitalize on their small numbers. Colloquially known as "Osceola's Own", the RCR is a Rapid Deployment Force with a wide variety of missions and tactics. Members of the RCR are not issued a standard equipment loadout, but are instead allowed to procure their own equipment either prior to the mission or in the field, often doing both.

Royal Commando training includes:

Halltanian Commando rappelling.
Commando training at "The Crater".
  • Long-range marksmanship
  • Urban Combat
  • Tactical Insertion Techniques (Air, Land, and Water)
  • Small arms proficiency
  • Field Procurement
  • Explosives Training (creation, use, disposal)
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Evasion
  • Resistance and Escape (POW techniques)
  • Active Ambush Techniques
  • Reconnaissance
  • Covert Operations Techniques

Royal Defense Force

The Royal Defense Force is charged with the defense of the Homeland, and consists of every able-bodied citizen who has been trained in the use of firearms. They are held in a reserve capacity until needed.

Royal Air Force

Information on the Royal Air Force is currently classified by the Ministry of Defense, but is rumored to consist of two rotary craft (one of which believed to be a Bell 407 helicopter). The manpower is unknown at this time.

Special Intelligence Group

Not much is known about the Halltanian Special Intelligence Group. The size and scope of the agency is classified, but it is known that SIG Agents are highly trained in areas like Social Engineering, Espionage, Signals Analysis, Linguistics, and Infiltration.