County of Arcelia

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County of Arcelia
Territorial Flag

Dýrð við ísinn English: "Glory to the ice"
"Son of Man"
Arcelia compared to it's neighboring nations.
Capital cityNew Gilbert
Largest cityImperial Point
Official language(s)English, Icelandic
GovernmentHome Rule
- GovernorThomas Ellis
- MPPosition Vacant
Established05 February 2019
Population0 (Nature Reserve/Un-populated)
US Dollar accepted unofficially

The County of Arcelia is a Phoklandian territorial claim located on an unclaimed (according to the AMU) area of land on the continent of Antarctica. It is one of two land divisions making up the Phoklandian Antarctic Province, the other being Northarctica.

Nature Preserve

Map of Phokland's Claims of Imperial Point and Lang Island

The primary purpose for the acquisition of Arcelia was the intent of the Phoklandian government to establish an overseas nature preserve in an attempt to preserve the natural landscape of the continent. This was accomplished through the signing of National Treasure Act 01 (an act that claimed the aforementioned land for Phokland and reserved it as a national park thus prohibiting the industrialization of the local land/water).

Naval Base

Though both the areas of Lang Island and Imperial Point, the names given to the two sections of Antarctica making up Arcelia, are nature preserves, the small island of Lang Island is reserved by the Phoklandian Security Forces for use if protection of the land claim is required/possible.

Satellite image of Imperial Point
Satellite image of Lang Island (located at coordinates: -74.500568, -141.952886)