Arcelia Subsidium

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77°14′58″S 156°00′58″W / 77.249334°S 156.016111°W / -77.249334; -156.016111

Arcelia Subsidium
Flag of Arcelia Subsidium
Coat of arms of Arcelia Subsidium
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Dýrð við ísinn
English: "Glory to the ice"
Anthem: "Son of Man"
Arcelia, as compared to neighboring Antarctic claims. (Map is outdated.)
Arcelia, as compared to neighboring Antarctic claims. (Map is outdated.)
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, Naverian, Phoklandian
EstablishmentApril 16th, 2020
February 5th, 2019 (under Phokland)
• Census

The Arcelia Subsidium was a Naverian territorial claim located on an unclaimed area of land on the continent of Antarctica. It is the only Antarctic claim, out of two, that was ceded from Phokland to Naveria. Its larger counterpart, Northarctica, was later claimed by the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall.

Nature Preserve

The primary purpose for the acquisition of Arcelia was the intent of the Phoklandian government to establish an overseas nature preserve. This was accomplished through the signing of National Treasure Act 01, an act that claimed the aforementioned land for Phokland and reserved it as a national park thus prohibiting the industrialization of the local land and water.

This goal was preserved as the territory transitioned into Naverian rule. The National Treasure Preservation Act 2020.4.16-A, the transitional government law which reestablished Arcelia as a special administrative region within the commonwealth, restated the guidelines previously set out in the National Treasure Act 01. It states specifically that Arcelia shall be free of human development, claimed under the principle of common heritage and free to harmless scientific explorations.

Contemporary claims