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Flag Coat of arms

National Anthem:
"Atlantis Anthem"
Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit

Republic of Atlantis

Official languages English, Italiano, French

Area 2,3 km2
Latitude 21° 19' S
Longitude 136° 32' W

Goveror Gabriele Pellecchia
Party SocialDemocratic Party

Legislature Atlantis Parliament
Seats 10

– Citizens
– Residence

Currency Åtlins
Official Document Passport

Time zone Central: UTC - 10
Country Code RoA

Public Holiday 19 February

Internet TDL .net .org .com

Drives on the Right

Date formats Holocene calendar


Government Website

Tenarunga or Tenania, formerly Minto Island, 15 km NNW of Matureivavao, is a low, wooded and uninhabited atoll in in the southeastern part of the Tuamotu Islands. There are some buildings and a dock located on the north-east side of the island, indicating former and/or seasonal habitation.

The atoll's lagoon is not accessible from the sea.